Student experiences - Thailand

Ornjira Angkanawatana - MB Chb Medicine

Picture of Ornjira Angkanawatana I came to Bristol straight after I graduated Sixth Form at Harrow International School Bangkok and I have never studied abroad. Needless to say, the transition from a school in my home country to a university in a foreign place was a daunting experience. That being said, I fell in love with Bristol and the University almost instantly. The city is perfect for students – not too big, not too small, with just the right amount of buzz. Bristol is gorgeous. I often find myself standing in the city centre on a sunny day completely in awe. The University itself also made me feel welcomed and supported from the beginning. It is no revelation that Medical School can be difficult, sometimes exceedingly so, but the University always gave me the impression that they are there to help us students succeed. I am reassured knowing that if I do trip up, the University will try its best to guide me through.

Another part I adore about the University is the diversity of extra-curricular activities you can get involved in. There is honestly something out there for everyone – from sports to performance arts to ‘zombie apocalypse’ societies. This wide range presents countless opportunities for students to either excel in what they’re good at or explore something completely new. I am a firm believer of a well-balanced work-play life, and the University of Bristol provides all the necessary elements. It is still early, but I'm already fully enjoying my time here in Bristol. The education I am receiving is of top quality – the Medical course here unique in how it excels in science whilst at the same time focusing on the humanitarian aspects of Medicine. I am confident that through my experiences at the University of Bristol, both academic and social, I will grow not only as a clinician but also as a person.

Sompradthana Chuaikuea - MSc International Relations

Sompradthana ChuaikueaFor me, Bristol is a fascinating city and the University of Bristol is a splendid academy. While attending here, I hope to experience and engage with my surroundings and the Bristol culture. Bristol city is perfectly suited to me as it is neither over crowded nor too silent place; it is vigorous with activities and events throughout the year! In addition, the atmosphere at Bristol is marvelous; it is the perfect combination between traditional and modern city style, with the enchanting natural suburbs and beautiful scenery lending Bristol a romantic charm.>

The University of Bristol is an excellent institution for both academia and activities. It always has academic events that offer the opportunity to have first access to quality, relevant and exciting of lectures from the leading experts. There is also a variety of extra-curricular activities through various clubs and societies. Also thus far, I have been blown away by the welcoming people who have been lovely and friendly. I have enjoyed socializing and have made lots of new friends from different countries. During the time I have spent here, I have been impressed with the professionalism of the University of Bristol both in education and guidance to guide their students in adjusting to university life. Especially for an overseas student like me, I have found the international office particularly useful. It is filled with lots of helpful staff on hand who are always willing to give advice in all matters. Moreover, the lecturers here have been very considerate; they understand and give a lot of support to international students in adapting and developing study skills to English school. What is more the Bristol International Student Centre always has activities on for international students to enjoy, relax and exchange cultures between international students, as well as learning about the British culture. For all these reasons I feel confident that the University of Bristol is the right place for me.

Emily Daykin - BSc Economics with Study in Continental Europe (Spain)

Picture of Emily DaykinTransitioning to Bristol after having attended international schools in Bangkok, Shanghai and Taipei has been a major change but one which has lived up to all my expectations. The welcome from warm, friendly and approachable students, academic staff and Bristolians I received was truly impressive. Bristol’s breath-taking landmarks, vibrant student atmosphere, and its unique blend of city architecture and rolling green countryside all drew me to choose studying here. The University’s non-campus precinct also enables students of all years to experience the city’s character and history whilst walking from one lecture to another without being confined to University buildings, and yet these are close enough to ensure seeing frequent familiar faces all around.

The importance of sport for first year undergraduates was something that impressed me greatly upon arrival, as the Welcome Fair representatives all shared their boundless enthusiasm for their chosen sport. Coaches recruited by the University are top-quality professionals, and even our academic lecturers encouraged us to get involved as much as possible, and not to bury our heads in books! I am lucky enough to play basketball for the University’s Women’s First Team, with weekly matches against other universities, and the tremendous team spirit, the strong friendships forged on court and at socials have definitely all contributed to an brilliant start to university life. This perfect balance of academia with socialising – be it through sports, musical performances, events and fairs, embracing new opportunities, adapting to change, acquiring life skills – which the University promotes is just one of its most remarkable traits.

My degree course has been the perfect choice for me as it combines my passion for Economics with a love of languages (studying Economics at a partner university in Spain during my third year). Learning from my lecturers’ professionalism and through their enthusiasm has definitely heightened my fascination and passion for the subject. I also love the cultural diversity within my course, the University student body and city of Bristol, which the University values highly. Different societies within the University regularly hold events and fairs raising cultural awareness and to merge all faces and personalities of various cultures, making all students’ journey and experience in Bristol an unforgettable and life-changing one.

Parveena Khanijou - MSc Science and Education

Parveena KhanijouVim promovet insitam… Learning promotes one’s innate power… thus goes the motto of the University of Bristol. With education, one can conquer the world. This, was my idea of education; being able to apply what I learn to the globalized society of today’s world. Having a clear distinction of what I wanted to pursue my degree in, upon my first glance at the Bristol University website I realized that it clearly met my career goals and objectives. With my Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, after one year of teaching in Thailand I decided that enhancing my qualifications with a Master’s degree in Science and Education would greatly help me in terms of my professional development and becoming a better science teacher.

The main reason for choosing to study the course in the UK is because England is noted for producing qualified teachers proficient in using strategic skills for scientific research and development. For postgraduate study, Bristol provides great opportunities for research because the university focuses on a wide range of majors. Students are thus able to incorporate their work with any field in relation to their interest. Bristol University is a world-renowned university with exceptional support for international students. My course, in particular, appealed to me because it integrates useful, and yet interesting science concepts as well as teaching pedagogy.

Studying at Bristol has provided me with an amplified knowledge in making better decisions to suit my interests. In terms of influencing my career, the approaches and strategies that I have acquired through the course has definitely helped shape my future professional plans. Becoming a superior science teacher was my initial career goal, but with increased exposure to different areas of science, I am, now, also very keen on doing research whilst practicing as a teacher.

Other than looking through the perspectives of academic and career gains of the university, factors affecting my decision also incorporated viewing Bristol as a city. To encapsulate my outlook, Bristol is an amazing place to live because of its edgy and alternative look. Unlike any other cities, it is an arts community. The city has several theatres, amazing nightclubs, and also owns a beautiful countryside. Students constantly have things to do and never get bored!

My experience at Bristol has offered me with an increased appreciation for cultural diversity, exposure to professional expertise, and global perspectives on issues in various fields. Therefore, graduates from the University of Bristol are prepared to meet the ever-changing and expanding trends in education and perhaps, truly substantiate that learning can promote one’s innate power to conquer the world.

Ploykwan Kitsubun - MSc Management

Ploykwan KitsubunAfter graduating my first master degree in Networking and e-Business, I would like to study another master in the management field so that I will combine my IT knowledge with management background in order to get a better job as a manager in the IT department in the future. Therefore, I chose to study Msc in Management as my second master degree.

I chose to study here at the University of Bristol because I like the environment of this city and also because of the university's reputation as University of Bristol is one of the best universities in UK. During summer in 2007, I  first came to Bristol to see the city, I found that it is a nice and big city as I expected. The university itself was located near the city centre which is easy for the students to travel around, study, and have fun.

As University of Bristol is a  high standard university. All the course works and assignments are really tough and I have to force myself to study hard in order to finish all the works. However, students here are very friendly and we all help each other to study and get through all assignments. In my management course, there are students from around the world such as China, Taiwan, Greece, France, Thailand and many more. We all have to learn each other's culture and learn how to study and work with people from different background. It is a good experience for me as in the future when I get a job, it is possible that I have to work with people from various countries since globalization connects the world together and people can work together even they are staying in different countries.

Bristol is a very nice city. There are many things to do here that students will not feel so depressed doing assignments or exams all the time. We work hard and play hard. I study hard but I also have a night out with my friends as well as having parties!  Within the city centre area, which is very near to the university and hall of the residences, there is a big shopping area here in Bristol. There are many pubs and bars where students can relax and have fun as well.

Finally, I have a very good experience here. All the teachers are brilliant and the course is very interesting and useful for me. I have also met good friends here during the course, we always have fun. The city is very nice and I enjoy studying here very much.

Amornsak Kitthananan - PhD Policy Studies

My decision to study at Bristol was influenced by the fact that Bristol University enjoys a very high reputation in terms of academics as well as the exposure that it provides. It possesses very high academic standards in my area, and across social science, arts and science subjects. Before I came here, I believed that continuing to study here would be a very positive, informative and enjoyable experience. So far, it turns out to be exactly what I had expected – excellent supervision, supportive staff, very good facilities, friendly relationship between colleagues, and an international academic atmosphere. The School is very supportive and the expertise of my advisor assures that my research progresses smoothly. I believe that the School is an excellent centre of learning and research and look forward to enjoying the rest of my time here.

The University Precinct is sited in the middle of the attractive city of Bristol and surrounded by green hills and the river runs through it. At the same time, the city itself is diverse, lively, exciting and cosmopolitan. It is large enough to provide all the necessary attractions for students, without having the impersonal size of London. The cultural and social vibe of the city is also impressive. Here is a multicultural city of festivals and carnivals, architecture and parkland, business and new technology, theatres and museums, music and film. And everything is within hands-reach. You can walk from your accommodation to your school, to theatres, cinemas, concert halls, restaurants, shopping and supermarkets. It also has a wonderful nightlife with 100 pubs and 40 clubs in the city centre!!

We have just started up the Thai Society here and it is making good progress. We enjoy the time doing some activities together and try to make it as a contact point for the new Thai students. Till now living and studying at Bristol has been a fascinating experience for me. To sum it up, I would say “Tiny, but diverse. Academic, but lively. Compact, but fascinating.”  

Where else can find a great composition like this!!

Sairoong Muangpil- PhD Chemistry

Solos Nipanutiyun - LLM Commercial Law

“Wow!” I exclaimed when I first saw the city of Bristol while standing on the top of Park Street with Will's Memorial Building behind. This is the position where I have been fascinated most from that day until now. Bristol has charm; it is lively, astonishing, and stylish. To illustrate, I would like to explain those expressions in brief from its name; “BRISTOL”.     

B – This letter reminds me of one artist named “Banksy”. He is Bristolian and famous for his street artistic work appearing on a wall in Bristol and across the UK. In 2009 he exhibited his work for the first time inside Bristol Museum. On one Saturday I went to the queue at 8.45, 15 minutes before the Museum was open. Surprisingly, I found out that it would take two hours for just queuing. Instead, not to waste the sunny morning, I changed my mind and headed to Cardiff!

R – I would like to give this letter for “reading”. A hundred pages of legal materials assigned to law students per subject per seminar could force them to sit in a library for several hours and continue the reading at night while others are sleeping. I would never forget the reading tournament here.

I - This letter is for the “International Office” who gets my gratitude for the precious scholarship, friendly reception, and opportunity to write this profile to all.

S – I had never seen “snow” in my life until December 2009 here in Bristol. I remember that snow fell around midnight. I stood outside on ground covered with snow, but wore just pyjamas.

T – Most international students are usually members of a group society representing their countries of origin. The “Thai Society” of Bristol is the group where I belong. Owing to this society, I discovered that 98% of Thai students studying here are impressed by Bristol while 2% said they absolutely crazy for it.   

O – A student life in Bristol is generally “online”. A number of announcements from the university are communicated via internal email. Books are easily purchased by just one click. The assigned coursework must also be submitted through an online channel. Even a payment of accommodation fee is alternatively made on the website. However, one essential thing, if not all, undertaken offline is class attendance.

L – Needless to say, the final letter would go to “love”. I am sure that everyone who has visited this city would agree with me. I love BR1stOL.

Chamnan Para - MSc TESOL

Kobkiat Tananchaya - LLM Maritime Law

Kobkiat TananchayaSince University of Bristol has brought itself to stand as one of the highest reputation universities among other peers, I immediately accepted the offer without hesitation when I was offered the place to study Master of Laws in Maritime Law in University of Bristol Law School. I believe wholeheartedly that I made the right decision ever since I arrived Bristol.

I still remember the moment when I first saw the Wills Memorial Building, a landmark of Bristol, through the park street, fascinating and unforgettable. Bristol city, itself, has everything you need for living in a large city. There are many good restaurants, shops and big shopping centres along with huge, green and tranquil parks. Moreover, Bristolians are generally nice and kind to strangers. First time I arrived Bristol, I got off the coach and found myself lost, a local guy approached me and took me to the bus stop and even waited until my destined bus had arrived. This is just one of the most impressive moments I've had here.

Apart from the great atmosphere for living, University of Bristol offers an outstanding academic module. In the law school, every unit of postgraduate programme is conducted through seminar. All students must prepare themselves by reading a number of textbooks, journals and cases before attending the class. During a discussion, all experienced professors and tutors consistently raise the controversial issues, practical problems and solutions, and this really helps me develop my analytical and critical thinking skills.

In addition, University of Bristol also provides me a chance to live in multicultural environment. A number of students are from different countries across the world, and University of Bristol has supported the students by holding many events for them to meet up one another. There are plenty of clubs and societies set up by either University or students to join and share your experience.

To sum up, if studying in UK is your goal, University of Bristol is never a disappointed choice. The earlier you come here, the more you will know "how great is Bristol".

Sam Tanskul - MSc Economics, Finance and Management

A Wonderful Moment in Bristol

One and a half years in Bristol made a memorable time in my life. Until today, I could not stop thinking and remembering a good time there. There are many questions that come up in my mind that why a tiny fraction of my life spent in Bristol made my heart want to return.

The best answers are F4 namely, First, Fun, Fit and Fast.

First - the composition between the gorgeous environment and charming Bristolians. For overseas students once they leave their motherland, the first impression is the most important reason. At the time I arrived in Bristol, a tremendous welcome from The International Office, The Faculty, as well as the stunning scenery of the university made me thrilled.

Fun - Not only the intensive academic life, the social life is also a fruitful time. I have participated in Thai Society as a Vice President conducting the Highlight Night in Bristol, which is the Thai Night (a successful night with over 150 guests) and other magnificent events such as Thai Dinner, Loy Kratong Day, Buddhist Temple Visit, etc.

 Fit - University of Bristol is renowned as a Healthy site since it kept me fit by walking up to my faculty passing the steep Park Street and there is also a Fitness Center where I could exercise and play a lot of sports.

Fast – As I was living in the town, I could walk less than 10 minutes to the faculty, 5 minutes to the town. Banks, post office, supermarket and fashion shops are around me. Moreover, a Broadband Internet here is a magic tool which helped me check out my hometown sites or contacted my family with a blink of an eye.

A life back to Thailand, working at GE Money Thailand as a Marketing Manager – Credit Card, still remember the wonderful moment in Bristol. The Thai-Bristolian Alumni who arrange the annual reunion could refresh and energise the spirit of the Bristolian in me.

Lastly, if I was asked about the recommended university, the only University which I strongly speak out is The University of Bristol.

Phasit Wongwaiwate - BSc Economics and Management

Picture of Phasit WongwaiwateI studied at an international school in Thailand, graduated from a high school in the US, took a foundation course in Scotland and now I am currently studying for an undergraduate degree in Economics and Management. The question that many may ask is why the University of Bristol? I first learned about Bristol when I checked the University League Tables. With it, I learned that the University of Bristol is highly ranked in its academics and especially good in my field of study of economics. I didn’t know much other than that, but I knew for a fact that Bristol is a beautiful and vibrant city with a medium-sized population and great atmosphere. With further research I was able to conclude that with such great academic reputation and a welcoming city atmosphere, I would thoroughly enjoy Bristol. Now, that I am at here at Bristol I can say that I have made the right choice. As expected, the University of Bristol’s education is intellectually stimulating and inspiring with lectures given by experts in their fields. In addition to the various courses offered here at Bristol, there are also a lot of societies and extra-curricular activities that students can join. As for me I joined the Thai Society, and I also attend the weekly CMPO seminar, which consist of talks given by leading professors or professionals in the financial sector. I can guarantee that whatever your interests are there will be something here for you. As for the city itself, I would describe it as one with a lively vibe and positive energy. I fell in love with it even just a few days after arriving. The city is just the right size. Not only that, but it is decorated with buildings of beautiful architectural design and greeneries not far from the heart of the city. Bristol is truly a great blend of university life and city life and you really couldn’t ask for more. I would without any hesitation recommend the University of Bristol to any student of any discipline for it is truly a great university and situated in such a lovely city. My experience here so far has been fulfilling and hopefully other students will be able to discover Bristol and its opportunities like I have.

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