Student Experiences - Tanzania

Faustina Msigwa - MPhil Education

Faustina MsigwaIt has been eighteen months now since I started studying at the University of Bristol. I chose to study at the University because it is among the best in the UK.

Bristol is fairly big and beautiful city; it is dwelled by people from various nations. In Bristol you can meet and learn different cultures. The town is surrounded by hills; there are big and modern shopping malls. In restaurants I can enjoy local as well as international foods. There is a big zoo, beautiful harbour, a wonderful suspension bridge, fish pond and many more amazing places where I had an opportunity to make my adventure.

From the first week at the University my supervisors and tutors on my courses have been fantastic. I am so grateful for the advice and support they provide. The facilities at Bristol are brilliant; study rooms, libraries, and computers, provide all the support I need for my academic pursuit. There is an excellent and affordable university accommodation, and an efficient University transport for off-campus students.

Studying at Bristol is really great.

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