Student Experiences - Mozambique

Carmen Dgedge - MSc Economics and Finance

Carmen DgedgeHello, my name is Carmen and I am from Mozambique. I studied my undergraduate degree in Economics at the best University of Mozambique, University of Eduardo Mondlane. Then, I decided to apply to the best Universities in UK for my postgraduate degree in Economics and Finance. I did my research on the internet and I found out that the University of Bristol is one of the top 10 Universities in the UK for Economics. It was very easy to apply and the staff was always there to help me when I needed it. I arrived earlier to do the pre-sessional course in English. I learned how to write and speak academically and it was very useful.

The MSc in Economics and Finance is very tough. You need to have a good mathematical background and be committed to the course, such as revise the lectures, read articles, etc. I spend most of my time in the library or in group discussions with my classmates. I’m the only African student in my course and it is nice in some way, because I can meet people from other cultures and environments.

Bristol is a lovely and warm city. You can find many international and local students. I have lots of friends and when we are not in the library studying, we are out discovering the city during the day or night. I live in the city centre, so I don’t need to take the bus to go to school or to city centre. I always walk and it is very pleasant. Last year I went to the balloon festival and it was amazing, I love it! I really love Bristol; it is a small and safe city and when I finish my course, I will miss every little thing.

I decided to come to Bristol because of the reputation of the University. The staff demand very hard work from students and we need to study by ourselves, but if we have any issues, they are there to help. I am sure that I will easily find a good job when I finish. In Mozambique if you have a Master degree in a good University it is easy to find a job. And Bristol University helps students to improve their weaknesses.

I love to go to gym and to church on Sunday morning. My friends and I like to get together in the kitchen in our accommodation and sometimes in some pubs. The UK is famous for its pubs and it is very good to relax, dance and meet friends. I like to travel during the weekends to some small and near cities!

For me, Bristol is the best place for an international student to come study. First because of the reputation of the University, the staff is very helpful, the environment of this lovely city, you have lots of things to do in your free time. I will miss this city and University when I leave!

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