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Vera Ngosi - MEng Mechanical Engineering

Vera NgosiDuring my final year of A-levels as I searched for a university to go to, what I was looking for most was a University with a remarkable reputation especially in my field of study, Mechanical Engineering, and one located in a city that was perfectly sized. That is when I came across the University of Bristol. I looked at several league tables and I was intrigued by the fact that it maintained a particularly high ranking on each of them. In addition to this, I talked to several acquaintances who had previously studied at the University of Bristol, and they all had pleasant things to say about it. This drove me to pick Bristol as my first choice and it is a decision I’m very delighted to have made.

When first arriving I couldn’t help but be amazed by the Wills Memorial Building, which towers majestically over the city, and is the perfect example of classical architecture. Whilst the university has roots in the past, recent developments throughout the campus, such as the refurbishment of the Arts and Social Sciences Library, have also provided a truly modern feel.

With professors who are at the true peak of their intellectual careers, the lectures given are never short of stimulating and I feel exceptionally proud to be a student at one of the top universities here in the UK. I have particularly enjoyed the workshop practice I get as an engineering student and it has developed my passion for the subject. 

My favourite area of Bristol is Clifton. It is large enough to ensure a wide variety of things to do, and small enough such that everything is within walking distance. The treasure trove of independent stores and restaurants in the area provide many lovely weekends, and the places to relax and take time off from work are almost endless. Two of my favourite landmarks in the city are the majestic Clifton Suspension Bridge and the awe-inspiring SS Great Britain, which are great sources of inspiration to those studying engineering. Bristol has firm roots in the discipline, and that was surely a factor for my attendance at the university.

Bristol, with its excellent student support system, vast number of societies, and internship programmes will assist me in building up my CV so that when I am unleashed upon the job market, I can feel proud and accomplished enough to not only reach my potential, but go beyond that which I ever thought possible. The past 6 months that I’ve spent in Bristol so far have reinforced my decision in coming to study here and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering studying in a Higher Education Institution in the UK.

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