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Eric Almeida - MEng Electronic and Communications Engineering

Eric Almeida

Before coming to Bristol to study, I hadn't seen the place, all I heard and read was that it had a superb engineering department and it was a great place to live. Honestly, I was blown away when I first arrived. Bristol is the perfect city. There’s a lot city life in and around the city centre, but there’s also quieter parks and restaurants around for those who want some quiet time.

The university itself is incredible. I thought I would be working round the clock to keep up with university work, but my department offers so much help that I have to find stuff to do in my spare time. The universities facilities, especially in the engineering department, are first-class. There’s always computer labs free when I need to work and the equipment we use in the electronic labs seem to be upgraded to meet international standards when needed.  Problem-solving is always more interesting than reading textbooks…for me. That’s why I enjoy my lab exercises, project work and programming. At the end of the day when I get it right, I feel like I am one step closer to understanding how everything in the world works. I love the satisfaction of knowing that I can turn something that is just hardware and software into something that can be used for a purpose or has a purpose. I also like working with people on projects. It allows me to understand how different people work around problems. It is also very helpful.

When I'm not working, I try to get involved in whatever the university has to offer. I use the gym facilities a lot. Also, I play basketball in the intramural league and table tennis in a society. Next year I hope to tryout for the basketball or table tennis team. I try to attend seminars the department sets up, especially those which have Bristol graduates attending them.

Being a city university and the city that Bristol is, I am sure I will get enough exposure to the working lives of Bristol graduates. This summer I hope to do an internship or some kind of work experience. Being one of Britain’s finest universities, I am not surprised that it has a lot of good contacts with companies. Some of the companies that appear on my “industrial placement” mailing list are just incredible.

Only when I attended the introductory week seminars did I find out that there are classes in degrees. A first class degree – that’s my motivation.

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