Student experiences - Jordan

Karam Jardaneh - LLB Law

Karam JardenehBeing only in the second term of university, I can already say that coming to Bristol was the right choice. I chose Bristol because I thought the university could offer me a good education and the city could offer me an amazing experience. I am studying Law here at the University of Bristol and so far it has met all of my expectations. I decided to study Law because I was extremely interested in how the society was controlled and organised by it. Although the legal system here differs from the legal system in my home country, Jordan, I am still finding it very beneficial in acquiring the necessary skills to practice law anywhere in the world.

Another aspect which attracted me to Bristol and specifically studying Law in Bristol is the variety of extra-curricular activities available. The University of Bristol Law Club, is a great asset to any Law student. Not only does it offer academic events and function but also social events where you get to meet other people doing your course. I am also part of the University of Bristol Law Clinic which aims to offer legal advice to anyone in need. As a student advisor in the Law Clinic you are given the opportunity to attend training sessions which I have seen to be extremely valuable to me as an aspiring lawyer.

I currently live in Goldney Hall in Clifton. Goldney has provided me with an atmosphere where you are able to meet new people with different experiences and backgrounds. I can already say I have met some people who have influenced and supported me greatly. Being in Goldney Hall was especially helpful during fresher's week where many events were organised in order to help you to get to know the people you were living with for the coming year.

The University of Bristol has a large International community, so wherever you are coming from you will not feel you are out of place. People here are very friendly and you will always find someone to help you with any problem you encounter.

Rakan Kabariti - MBChB Medicine

Rakan KabaritiHaving an excellent reputation and a friendly atmosphere is what makes Bristol prosper. When I first came here, it immediately appealed to me as it had all the things a student would ask for, from libraries and sports halls to museums and night clubs all within walking distance from any part of the university.

By only my second week as a Bristol medical student, I was able to join several societies including the Medics Basketball and Table Tennis. Through them, I certainly had one of the best experiences in my life as they provided me with a chance to meet new people, make new friends and take part in a variety of fascinating events all while playing the sports I really enjoy. 

Although medicine can be tough at times, talking to patients and engaging in this ever growing complexity of medical care especially as a first year medical student certainly makes it worthwhile. Additionally, having the opportunity to work in one of the leading hospitals in the nation (the Bristol Royal Infirmary) along with some of the brightest lectures, professors, doctors and surgeons in the world is what makes the medical course in Bristol unique and at the top of the league tables. I can certainly see myself in the future working as a junior doctor or a surgeon in this hospital.

I was in Durdham Hall last year. To me; it was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience where I took part in numerous students led activities, learned to mange and cope with any issue on my own and most importantly met people from all walks of life, some of them are now my closest friends here.

Has anything funny or inspirational happened to you at Bristol? The answer to this question is extremely difficult as I have thousands or maybe millions of stories to tell.

All in all, choosing Bristol University in general and medicine in specific was definitely one of the best choices I have ever made.

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