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Hartanto Ng - MSc Finance and Investment

Hartanto NgAs a person who was hungry for knowledge, especially in finance, I decided to pursue a master degree in finance even when I was only a fresh graduate with a bachelor degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia. Having studied in Indonesia, Canada, China and the United States before, I am open to international exposures. I chose Europe as my next destination for education because it was different from what I have been exposed to and thus, would provide me with new points of view. Since I planned to pursue a master degree in finance, United Kingdom became one of my top choices for countries to study because of its developed financial market.

Bristol University straight away became one of my favourite universities because of its high ranking, rigorous curriculum and prestige. Further, unlike the finance programs in other universities, the program at Bristol does not require students to have previous finance background, which was an advantage to me who was novice in the field.

I was excited for my first day at Bristol. The first time I arrived at the university, I was surprised at the hilly roads that led to the campus. Honestly speaking, I found it quite tiring at the beginning to climb everyday just to get to my classes, especially that I am not very fond of physical exercises. Nonetheless, all this walking activity has helped me to shape a healthier lifestyle. For example, now, I usually go around the city walking, thanks to the close proximity between places.

Looking back at my six-month experience at Bristol, one of the things I liked most about the university was its small-sized classes. Interactions became more often and more “customized”. Professors know students’ name and try to help wherever they can. For example, when I fell sick, one of my professors emailed me asking whether I was feeling alright. Thanks to the small sized classes too that it was faster for me to meet new people. With the diverse population at the university, I am able to practice my Mandarin with my Chinese friends, exchange customs and traditions and hang out with people from different countries, such as Vietnam and Pakistan. Last but not least, what I like most about Bristol was the university’s belief that it is important to hear students’ voices. The university tries its best to hear feedback from the students to improve itself. As an MSc representative, I collect student’s feedback and voice them to the department. This is a new experience, which teaches me to actively express opinions to others to give constructive feedback to the greater community. Time really flies in Bristol. I am halfway in my program and I know my time in Bristol will end soon. I am glad that I have come to Bristol and I recommend anyone who wants to get the best out of their university life to come here too.

Tien Aminatun - PhD Biological Science

Tien AminatunAlthough I have been staying here for only 3,5 months, I have found many new exciting experiences, especially in the education system. The PhD student system in the UK is very different from Indonesia. In Indonesia, I don’t get many facilities like a free computer and an office room.

I found out about Bristol University from my friend. She recommended me to choose Bristol University and then I searched for more information about it on the internet and finally I chose to visit Bristol University.

I've got a helpful supervisor, a professor in community ecology. She helps me very much to analyse my research data. Something that I like very much about studying here is that I can get access to free course. I took a free stats course to help me to analyse my research data. I've also got good friends in my group. That all will make me feel hard to leave this school.

I am staying at the flat in Cotham. My flatmates are from several countries. They are Malaysian, Samoan, German and British people. They are very friendly. I know many things about their countries from them. I cannot find this atmosphere in my country.

I really enjoy living in Bristol. I enjoy the public transportation, the pedestrian area, and the city park, that I can not enjoy in my country. But, I feel that the living cost here is more expensive than my country. I can understand it.

Weekend is the time that I can enjoy Bristol and the surrounding areas. I have enjoyed visiting many places. I really enjoy the ancient buildings. I like the architecture. I think it’s very unique and artistic.

Unfortunately, I will stay in this nice city only a short time. I really want to be here longer, but I have to go back to Indonesia, but I plan with my supervisor to continue our project. I plan to take a postdoc at Bristol University next year, and I will bring my family (my husband and my sons) with me. I promise.

Brams Dwandaru - PhD Theoretical Physics

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