Student experiences - India

Undergraduate Postgraduate
Srishti Nair - BSc Neuroscience Swaid Abdullah - PhD Biological Sciences
Akash Bajoria - BEng Mechanical Engineering Salomi Akshikar - MA Film and Television Production
Aditi Chandramouli - LLB Law Akshaya Ayyangar - MSc Environmental Policy and Management
Reagan D'Mello - MEng Engineering Design Soumita Basu - MSc International Relations
Henna Hemnani - BSc Physics and Philosophy Cyril Jacob - LLM Commercial Law
Nitush Mahipal - BSc Accounting and Management Himali Mishra - MSc Molecular Neuroscience
Atish Mathur - LLB Law Shailesh Prakash - MSc Advanced Computing: Internet Technologies with Security
Bhavisha Patel - BVSc Veterinary Science Preethi Ravikumar - MSc Molecular Neuroscience
Sahaj Sawhney - MEng Computer Science Gowrishanker Sivabala - MSc Integrated Aerospace Systems Design
Pooja Shah - BA Drama Pranshu Saxena - MSc Advanced Computing: Machine Learning and Data Mining 
Ganapathy M Somiah - BEng Mechanical Engineering Neha Tomar - LLM International Law

Srishti Nair - BSc Neuroscience 

Student experiences (India)Hi I'm Srishti and I'm a first year Neuroscience student, International Representative for my Hall JCR and International Ambassador for the University of Bristol. I was born in Mumbai and had never lived anywhere else until coming to university, so you can imagine how daunting a prospect it was for me to move continents one weekend. 

Luckily for me Bristol made everything extremely easy, right from the welcome from student ambassadors at Heathrow Airport. People were exceptionally helpful guiding us new students in the right direction and Bristol soon became home. Within the first week I has been to most of the university buildings, met the staff in my halls and made so many new friends.

Since then I have organise several events, including the Easter Formal which was great fun. The area in Bristol I love the most is Clifton. It is a perfect mix of greenery and commercial buildings, home to the magnificent Clifton Suspension Bridge and has the best fish and chip shop I've ever visited.

My course has been phenomenal so far. It has been challenging and inspiring. In the first term I held a human brain in my hands. Most of my lecturers are leading researchers in the field and it is fascinating hearing about their discoveries. It has made me consider so many more career paths than I was even aware of and makes me think that the University of Bristol was the perfect choice for my present and my future. 

 Swaid Abdullah - PhD Biological Sciences

Swaid AbdullahTo be honest my journey to the University of Bristol started with an email to my supervisor, Prof. Richard Wall, asking for a PhD position in his lab and his consent made all the difference and changed my life completely. Getting admission in such a prestigious institution was tough but once I got my offer and filed my visa to the day I arrived at Bristol, the University has helped me at every step.

Bristol is a lovely place to live, even though it is a small city it has its hidden gems, the best part of it being small is that you can find everything needed at walking distance. The city has a number of historic museums and market places. One thing I like about the city is that it is very green and it has gardens and parks everywhere and it has ample space for everyone. I feel it is one of the best places for the students to live and study as the University is situated in the heart of the Bristol city and even though being an educational institution it is very much part of Bristol.

University of Bristol is one of the leading universities in UK which provides ample opportunity to students with varied interests. It has a number of schools where students from different nations and countries are learning together and sharing their interests and experiences. It has one of the best teaching facilities among the universities and the teachers themselves are highly renowned researchers.

One good thing about the University is that it has a strong Students Union, the Union runs a number of societies and clubs and one can be a part of these as per one’s taste and interests. The International Office, Funding Office and academic office of the University are so much helpful, they have been with me from the day first and even today they are always ready to help.

I am a student of School of Biological Sciences. The best part of my school is that every day I have something to look forward to, there are talks and presentations from renowned scientists who come from different universities of not only UK but also from other parts of the world. It is such a healthy learning environment for new students and researchers like me. Next big thing about the School is its multimillion new building which is an innovation in itself. It has got living walls and green roof and is going to be home for some insects and bats. I am pretty excited and looking forward to work in such an environment friendly place.

Other than studies the thing that mattered most to me is fitness. The University best sports and recreation facilities. The centre offers these facilities at cheap rates for the students and provides coaching in various sports.

I am so glad, being a part of University of Bristol and studying in School of Biological Sciences was my dream and I am living it.

Swaid was awarded the 2013 Zutshi-Smith Scholarship. 

Salomi AkshikarSalomi Akshikar - MA Film and Television Production

I learnt about the University of Bristol through a friend of mine who studied here a couple of years ago. He studied the same course and was very happy with his experience at the University. He advised me in detail about Bristol, the University in general and the course in particular. I was immediately drawn towards the idea of studying here and filled in my application hoping that the University would accept me.

I must admit my experience here has been very enriching and friendly so far. Since the time I arrived at Bristol, I have been interacting with a diverse range of people from across the globe and have made many new friends. I particularly admire the methods of teaching, supervision system & academic support. The standards of academic practise are very different from those of the academic system in India and hence, it takes some time to get used to. However, I enjoy the practical exposure and professional hands-on training that my course provides me with respect to filmmaking. I also appreciate that I am also given opportunities to get involved in various activities in and around the University.

All this will go a long way in helping me enhance my networking skills, identify my strengths & help me meet my goals & aspirations. I believe that my education at a renowned University like the University of Bristol will make me capable of working like a thorough professional in the film/ television industry.

After having visited other places in England, I truly believe I am blessed to be in a remarkably beautiful and vibrant city like Bristol. There are constant events, trips, parties and get-togethers that are planned every now and then which make socialising a more pleasurable experience. I especially enjoy spending time at the very warm and hospitable Bristol International Students Centre.

I have also been interacting and spending valuable time with students from different courses, sharing experiences, watching movies together, organising & attending get-togethers, visiting pubs, sightseeing in and around Bristol and nearby cities on weekends.

For a film student like me, studying at a scenic location like Bristol is not only an advantage, but also a source of great inspiration. On the whole it has been a very enriching and memorable experience for me with fond memories that I will always cherish and things that I have learned at the University of Bristol.

Akshaya Ayyangar - MSc Environmental Policy and Management

Akshaya AyyangarWhile the University of Bristol was not in my list of ‘universities to apply for’ when I started my application, I am glad to be here. My mom found out about the MSc course in Environmental Policy and Management after I had applied to other UK universities and urged me to consider it. I am thankful to the International Office for awarding me a scholarship.

From the moment I arrived, I have been so comfortable here. People are most attentive and helpful. There is naturally a vast difference in culture from where I come from (India) but it has been an easy and exciting adaptation. I particularly like the architecture in the city. It does sound cliché but Wills Memorial building is one of my favourites and I wish I had classes there. A walk along Harbour side is an enjoyable experience for me.

The University offers myriad opportunities for students interested in any field. The incredible options of extra-curricular activities here are exceptional. The School of Geographical Sciences and the Cabot Institute organize many events that are very interesting and expose students to opportunities in improving their knowledge.

The University’s standards are high and are demonstrated in the lecture room. Independent analysis and creativity are valued here and criticism is respected. This approach of the University encourages me to work harder and enjoy my studies. Resources offered by the University for students are enormous. I am very fortunate to be part of a truly ‘international’ class as it is fascinating to learn about different cultures and environmental issues in different countries.

I strongly feel that the degree I will be getting will be valued highly for career options and will shape my future.I am glad I came to Bristol and hope to make the most of my time here.

Akash Bajoria - BEng Mechanical Engineering Akash Bajoria

It was the promise of an internationally-acclaimed university, a Top 5 Mechanical Engineering programme, and countless recommendations from friends and high school faculty alike that initially drew me towards the University of Bristol. After six months here, I have not only found the fulfillment of those potentials I had envisioned while in India, but have also been introduced to an entirely novel conceptual, application-based educational milieu. The University of Bristol has also opened up a vast market of job opportunities for me, both through many avenues and connections and by making me realize the variety of applications that I can employ my steadily growing knowledge toward.

The city of Bristol is like an additional bonus to the academic gratification provided by the University. The beautiful look and historic feel of the streets and architecture are offset by the easy availability of every modern amenity and plenty of urban bustle. On a daily basis, a student at the University can expect to attend challenging, mind-broadening classes during the day, take part in worthwhile causes with various organizations thereafter (I personally share an affiliation with ‘Engineers Without Borders’), and maybe even commence the weekend with a bar crawl par excellence.

Living in Bristol has genuinely enhanced the quality of my life, both physically and mentally. While the great clubs, malls, multiplexes and restaurants keep things interesting and fun, the calm atmosphere and friendly people help to fade away the stress and worries that crop up in every life. Some of my happiest moments are spent grabbing Sunday brunch with friends in a favourite coffee house in Clifton while recalling the previous nights’ events at Syndicate and discussing the next week assignments and reports scheduled to begin during the week ahead.

I still- and honestly, always will- remember the day I got accepted into this university. I knew then that I would be getting a world-class education and some of the best training in the field of mechanical engineering that there is. What I did not know, however, is that I would also be getting friends who would inspire me, faculty and amenities that would nurture me, and life experiences that would define me.

Soumita Basu - MSc International Relations

Soumita BasuStudying for my postgraduate degree at the University of Bristol was a most enriching experience. As a student of international relations, I value the opportunity I got to interact with students from all over the world. I feel that the concerns of different cultures and countries mean so much more to me now that I can put human faces to them.

Since my first degree is in Journalism, this was my first academic research oriented course. But with the help of my teachers and classmates at the Department of Politics, I was able to gather useful research skills that continue to inform my work today. The department has a 5 RAE rating and it was very exciting to be a part of this top quality research environment. I enjoyed and cherish the space that my professors gave me to develop my own ideas in this field of study.

Apart from a stimulating academic experience, the University provides a range of student support facilities that are very helpful for a new arrival to the city. From the practical necessities of accommodation and healthcare to socials and sports facilities, the university offices take care to address various student needs. The swimming pool next to the Students_ Union fast became one of my favourite haunts!

Bristol is a delightful to city to live in. The grandeur of the Cathedral, the Wills Memorial Building and the Clifton Suspension Bridge coexist beautifully with the vibrancy of the city's cultural scene. Easily accessible from the city centre, places like the Watershed, Arnolfini, Old Vic Theatre and the Hippodrome provide a gateway to some of the best stage and cinema productions in he United Kingdom and abroad. Indeed Bristol provides all the joie de vivre of living and studying in a cosmopolitan place without the inconveniences and aloofness of a big city.

Aditi Chandramouli - LLB Law

Aditi ChandramouliTwo years back, when I decided that I wanted to do law, I visited London and instantly fell in love with the atmosphere, the buildings and the culture. I eventually decided on Bristol and later realized how attractive the idea of a city as a campus was. Architecturally as well, the old buildings such as the Wills Memorial provide a very grand air to the city, which I found extremely exciting.

When I first arrived at Bristol from India, I was quite overwhelmed by the differences in culture, and I felt like I was back in the fifth grade at school, where I knew no one. However, within the first week, I met some of the most wonderful people, both in my course and my halls of residence. Settling into the rigorous study regime was not as easy. The vast quantity of reading daunted me and having to speak in tutorials in front of ten other people and appearing foolish was one of my biggest fears. As time wore on, I started realizing all over again why I had chosen to do law in the first place. The logical and analytical thinking kept me on my feet and with every next lecture; I would discover something new and interesting. One of the best features of the way the course is taught is in fact the tutorials, as they are very comprehensive and the one on one teaching helps you gain a complete understanding.

I do think that one of my greatest achievements since coming to the UK is receiving this scholarship, as it was completely unexpected and I felt a sense of achievement especially when I was feeling quite intimidated by the pressure of the academic workload.

Once I finish my course, I look forward to maybe working at a law firm for a few years and then doing my Masters. I would definitely recommend Bristol to anyone reading this, simply because of the different opportunities it exposes you to alongside completing your degree.

If I were to give other International students a piece of advice, it would be just to inform them not to rush into getting everything perfectly right as soon as you arrive, because this only made things fall apart for me. So, take it slow, join some societies and interact with people because they have the most interesting stories to tell.

Reagan D'Mello - MEng Engineering Design

Reagan D'MelloHiya, I’m Reagan D’Mello, an international student from India studying Engineering Design at Bristol University.

The Wills Memorial Building was the first thing that caught my eye (and let’s face it, you can’t miss it) when I strolled into the university campus as a fresher. This awe- inspiring Norman (or maybe Gothic, not really sure which it is) tower seems to have become a landmark for the University. Just like this awe-inspiring building, the University is – there’s no other word for it – impressive.

In terms of academics, Bristol University’s notable record speaks for itself. The lecturers are really helpful and take great pains to make sure that any question asked is satisfactorily answered. The tutor system is excellent with the tutors becoming really good friends with whom you can have an informal chat, if you want. That said, the student is expected to pitch in with a decent amount of work as well.

Academics aside, Bristol is an amazing city with an excellent nightlife. It has some 600 or so bars and pubs in all (did a bit of research J). Be it unwinding or partying hard, Bristol has something to offer everyone.

The Students’ Union is useful, albeit a little off the beaten track. The International Office is based there and always helpful if there is an issue. The important thing is, if you have a problem all you have to do is just ask.  Plus, there are tons of societies that you can sign up for from sports to photography to film-making, just take your pick. In my opinion, Bristol University is a place that is perfect if you believe in the ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ way of life.

Henna Hemnani - BSc Physics and Philosophy

Henna HemnaniBefore coming to Bristol University, I attended a boarding school in the city (Badminton) so have been in Bristol for over six years. Aside from the prestige of the university, my choice to remain here to study was somewhat based on my love for the city itself; I was already taken aback by the parts of the city I was familiar with and was certain that going to university here would allow me to explore the remainder of it. The city particularly appeals to me because from my point of view, the town holds a sense of historical background, tradition and the English culture; my favourite place is undoubtedly the downs as they allow the university to be a combination of both city and campus, which is idyllic for most students.

In terms of the university, Bristol has exceeded my expectations in almost every aspect. I find the teaching of extremely high standards – the lectures are engaging, the tutorials are useful and the homework is challenging; in comparison to the teaching methods used in school, the work ethic makes it vital for the students to be disciplined and responsible to keep on top of their work, which are very important skills to acquire for future careers.

The timetables are created so that there is plenty of time left to participate in other activities. As well as using the student union swimming pool to swim several times a week, the university has taught me to realise the importance of hall life and social activities. Despite doing a demanding degree of Physics and Philosophy, I am able to be an active member of three societies, one of which is CHAOS, a physics society that has enabled me to meet people on my course. I am also part of the yoga society and the wine society; the wine society has resulted in many enjoyable evenings after the wine tasting in university halls has been completed alongside furthering my knowledge on wine itself.

I can confidently say I have enjoyed my time at Bristol so far and look forward to my next few years here. As the weeks go by I continue to be inspired by the shear passion of the professors in every lecture they deliver, driving me to be more determined, motivated and stimulated as a student.

Cyril Jacob - LLM Commercial Law Cyril Jacob

I am a law student and completed my graduation in law from India. I was very keen to study for my masters in Commercial Law in a well-recognized University. Hence I began searching for the top ranked Universities in the world. That is when I came across the website of the University of Bristol. I was very impressed by the modules offered for my subject of interest.

I did a research of the quality of education offered by the University and was delighted to know it was excellent. The University of Bristol is also known for its excellence in research and library facilities.

Thereby, I settled in to study in this outstanding University. The first impression I got from the University was wonderful due to its beautiful location. The lecturers too are very helpful and inspire us to work hard. The Wills Memorial Building is where I have my classes and it is indeed a great privilege to study in such a marvelous piece of architecture.

I must also mention that the personal tutor assigned to each student make sure they provide a solution to any problem of the student. As a student I am highly satisfied with the way the lectures and seminars are being conducted. The student’s opinion can be voiced out from a well-established student union which makes it a plus point to study in this prestigious University.

Moreover to study in a place like Bristol is a dream come true for me. The people are very friendly and helpful. There are many places to visit in this lovely city. Whether it is excellent structures like the Suspension bridge or calmness of the parks the city of Bristol has it all.

I highly recommend the University of Bristol to all those students who would love to have a great career. I am very pleased to have chosen this University and I am sure one will be more than happy to study here.

Nitush Mahipal - BSc Accounting and Management

Nitush MahipalI am Nitush Mahipal, a first year (2007-08) international student at the University of Bristol. Having been born and brought up in New Delhi, India, I was quite apprehensive to go for higher studies to a foreign country.  The thought of living away from home and dear ones would give me jitters. Thus, I always wished to study in Delhi University. However, due to the a large number of students in comparison to the fewer availability of colleges, Indian universities, particularly the Delhi University,  faces stiff competition for admissions and so, to keep my options open, I applied to some of the universities in United Kingdom via UCAS. 

Over the period, I was made aware of the education process that some of the best universities in UK follow. After doing in depth research of a number of universities, it was indeed exciting to hear that the University of Bristol, one of the universities I had been offered admission from, offered students high level of education, highly qualified faculty, extra co-curricular activities and other career oriented opportunities. It was then I decided to take the step forward and make my way to this prestigious University, though still scared and nervous about my future.

Today, after having the opportunity to have studied one semester at the University of Bristol, I feel extremely proud to have taken the step forward. The experience so far has been marvellous and I am sure, the following semesters just hold in better. Besides just imparting world class education, the University focuses on individual student needs a well. The University is an ideal choice for all, especially international students as the student body is diverse and the university too encourages multiculturalism. The city of Bristol has a unique charm and it can entertain people of all kinds and interests. Another intriguing factor about Bristol is that it is not a campus university; one can find fellow students all over the city.

Also, my department, the department of Economics Finance and Management has structured the course in such a way that it has international acceptance which is very important for an international student. It is also quite fascinating to study in full lecture theatres (increases the probability of not getting disturbed by the lecturer while enjoying a nice nap). The lectures are accompanied by weekly/bi-weekly tutorials that cater to individual student needs by offering detailed discussion in small groups about the matter taught during lectures.

It was a hard decision to choose between the Delhi University and University of Bristol. But I strongly feel that I made the right decision. This university will not only shape my career but also make me a well rounded person. All students, with the constant support and guidance of the faculty, strive to achieve perfection, be it academics or personality development.  I am confident that after graduating from this university I will be a mature adult, ready to face life with strength and dignity and make my place in the global business world.  

Atish Mathur - LLB Law Atish Mathur

The University of Bristol has been the most influential aspect of my education so far and I am absolutely sure it will be remain to be the single most important factor in shaping not just my professional career but also my outlook towards the bigger picture.

Accredited with an unprecedented reputation, Bristol rightfully enjoys being one of the most sought after institutions in the world. This is particularly reflected in highly renowned faculty that gives most of the substantive lectures. On many occasions, the books prescribed to us for reading purposes are the ones authored by the Professors themselves thereby making the learning experience even more intriguing. The most impressive part of the teaching at Bristol is that the lecturers, tutors, personal tutors and seminar mentors promote independent thinking at every juncture which I think makes the law degree ever so interesting.  We are allowed and encouraged to think out of the box and inclusion of current happenings as part of our reading proves as an invaluable advantage. Based in the magnificent Wills Memorial Building, the Law students are a perpetual envy of students of other departments and schools. The Law School facilitates numerable interactions, talks and seminar with prospective employers from the very beginning to equip us with necessary skills.

Despite the demanding workload, there is enough time to take up activities within the University and the city of Bristol. The Students' Union and the societies running as part of it provide the students with practically every interest that might exist and if the case is otherwise they are more than open to start up something new. I have been primarily involved with the Debating Union, the Model UN society. The Debating Union trains students for tournaments within the UK and Europe. I was a member of one of the teams representing Bristol at Cambridge University’s debating tournament. The Model UN society also sends delegations to conferences in the UK. I was honoured to judge the Cambridge MUN and the London MUN hosted by the Imperial College London. The Law club itself organises debates, moots, negotiations and a lot of activities for it's members.

The halls of residence redefine moments at Bristol. They allow one to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and foster friendships for life. I’ve had the most joyous time of my first year at Badock Hall, which is one of the Halls of Residence. The beautiful blend of integrating the campus with the city adds a very important benefit to the students. The idea of managing day chores to academics to extra-curricular events prepares the students from the penultimate year and makes us incredibly independent. 

Lastly, Bristol University is an ideal choice of anyone who is looking for holistic and meaningful years at University and guarantees the experience to last a lifetime. 

Himali Mishra - MSc Molecular Neuroscience Himali Mishra

Studying in an International University was one of the biggest dreams of my life and coming to University of Bristol has proved to be the most wonderful experience of my life. It has provided me with the opportunity to experience a multi-cultural environment and a global atmosphere. Although I did find it in the beginning to adjust to the vast differences in culture and lifestyle, gradually with the help of my friends and colleagues, I am well settled. I have now had the opportunity to interact with students from different parts of the world and got to know about different cultures.

The beautiful city of Bristol is full of life and welcomes you with open arms. Having the city as your campus is even more amazing, being surrounded by students with a friendly and comfortable atmosphere all around you. The scenic beauty of the place is worth apprising depicting the perfect blend of modern architecture with an ancient historic flavour.

Undoubtedly University of Bristol excels in academics. The course modules are well organized in such a manner so that the student can get into it right from the basics of the subject. The faculty and staff of the University are very helpful and friendly and we are taught and mentored by well educated and well known professors and lecturers. Apart from studies the University provides various other facilities for the students like sports clubs, gym, swimming pool which helps us in making new friends and develop a favourable social surrounding.

As a student I have always been hardworking and honest towards my studies and receiving this scholarship was one of biggest achievements of my life. I feel very proud and honoured that I could stand among one of those students.

Bhavisha Patel - BVSc Veterinary Science

Picture of Bhavisha Patel

My home is in the Surrey countryside where I live in a tight-knit community but at the same time I travel frequently to the bustling city of London. The city of Bristol is a happy medium between the two. The city offers the quiet area of Clifton, the lively City Centre and the very campus-based feeling in the University area. The Students’ Union offers a diverse selection of activities with over 200 student societies. They organized an amazing welcome week and activities throughout the year which made me feel more comfortable and settled.
The School of Veterinary Sciences feels like one big family as all the staff are always supportive and helpful to get you through the inevitably intensive curriculum. The vet course is very interactive and offers a taster to a wide spectrum of fields involved within veterinary science. This has allowed me to understand what I want to do later in life, be it research, conservation work or specialisms. By living in Bristol I have met some incredible people from all over the world that have inspired me to be more proactive. Currently, I am secretary of the Hindu society, I am a student representative to improve teaching at Bristol, I have a research placement organized and I am participating in Jailbreak. There is a long list of things to do whilst I am at Bristol. The School of Veterinary Sciences is the oldest vet school in the UK and is respected by many professionals. So far ex-Bristol students have gone on to build incredible careers, which is something I would like to emulate one day.

Shailesh Prakash - MSc Advanced Computing: Internet Technologies with Security

I really appreciate University of Bristol as an international student. I first decide county of my choice then selected the university. I discussed with my British and Indian friends all over the place then decided best for my interest. University of Bristol is in top ranked universities in research for my course and it work closely with the IT industry.

When I came here, I found the campus is student focused and it is a part of city itself. I visited many places around in the beautiful city of Bristol. It is like a diverse cultural hub were you can meet lots of people from different part of the world. As an Indian, I also visit Hindu temple here and attend social events organised by the community. The city is also well connected to various parts of the country and well suited for a traveller like me.

I have started with my course and find it challenging. Faculty staff are really helpful and professors are available to help me understand difficult problems. In my second semester, I am working with a supercomputer which is part of my course, high performance computing. Because of these state-of-the-art facilities and teachers, the Department of Computer Science is well known worldwide. I am also working closely with other student as a team. We always end up with different opinions during group discussion in the library but conclusion comes over coffee in the cafeteria.

Subjects are highly practical and well suited for my academic research and career opportunities. As an international student I am working part-time as a software developer and I find my course is closely related to my work. It’s a pleasure, studying here in the University of Bristol, gaining such a cultural experience and open up new opportunity for me. I strongly recommend international student to consider University of Bristol for studies.

Preethi Ravikumar - MSc Molecular Neuroscience Preethi Ravikumar

I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biotechnology from Anna Univeristy, India. My sole ambition since high school was to be involved in the health care industry and to be a fully qualified scientist to conduct research in area of Neuroscience. After coming across many universities in the UK, I found University of Bristol among the top 10 universities. It has got a high reputation and I also found that the university had an excellent track record of research that is being conducted in the field of Neuroscience.  Most of all, Bristol is a dynamic city with an appealing environment and pleasant weather.

I have now completed four out of six taught units and waiting to take up the research project in a month or two. I find that the course is enjoyable and is organised very well. The MSc Molecular Neuroscience course is designed such that the students taking up this Master’s course will definitely move on to a PhD or will embark on a research career. Cutting edge research is being conducted in the Henry welcome line laboratory, where the course is conducted and the professors who teach us are all well renowned scientists with great publications. They are not only supportive and friendly, but are also encouraging by involving each student into the research environment.

The International scholarship awarded by the university helped me a lot in meeting the living expenses in Bristol.

The University of Bristol caters to the needs of people who want to study abroad and in a world class education environment with all the facilities.

Sahaj Sawhney - MEng Computer Science Sahaj Sawhney

Being among the top few universities in the country, Bristol was high among my choices when I applied to study Computer Science in the UK. And I was elated when I heard that I had received an offer from them. Needless to say it has been an exhilarating experience to finally arrive at University and find it to be all that I had expected and more.

The University is right at the heart of the city and influences much of everything that goes on here. Everything I had heard about the University and the Faculty, the friendly and highly knowledgable lecturers, the great facilities and high standards of education, I have found to be true. The classes are highly intellectually stimulating and challenging and there is plenty of assistance and guidance available for any problems with coursework or even personal projects. Besides studies there are numerous sports and activity clubs as well as societies for possibly every interest one might have.

Bristol is a great city, with an eclectic combination of medieval and 21st century buildings. It is big enough to have everything that a student would need and want, and small enough that you can walk there to get it. Bristol is a large centre for arts and culture in the UK. It has numerous theatres, art galleries, museums and music venues, and this greatly influenced my decision to live and study here. Bristol also happens to be one of the warmest cities (climatically) in the UK, this is not something I had considered before coming here but am learning to appreciate this fact more everyday.

Another thing that I particularly like about the University is that it is embedded in the city and not isolated in its own campus. There are tons of shops, cafes, pubs and clubs and it is generally very lively even till late at night. Overall its a great place.

Pranshu Saxena - MSc Advanced Computing: Machine Learning, Data Mining and High Performance Computing Pranshu Saxena

I have an engineering background and have studied B.Tech in Bioinformatics as my bachelor’s degree. While applying for universities, I was very specific with the course I wanted to pursue for my higher studies. Thus, I applied for the MSc Advanced Computing – Machine Learning, Data Mining and High Performance Computing course here which I mainly applied for because of the units being taught.

I chose to study in the UK because of the high standards of the courses and also because the master’s courses have duration of 1 year which satisfies my future plans. University of Bristol has a high academic reputation and with the top notch facilities and the knowledgeable and committed faculty, it becomes all the more reason to come here and study. University of Bristol offers a wide variety of courses to suit criteria for many students. The ranking of the university at a global level and the strong recommendations of high quality research and taught courses made me aim to study at the university.

The faculty is really good and the professors are available to help the students whenever their guidance is needed. The teaching standards are high and a lot is expected out of the students. And to further help us in the units, various facilities are provided. There are different libraries, each with a sound environment, open 24 X 7 for us to study and make the best use of our study time.

Bristol is a beautiful, small yet a happening city, everything you need is available at hand and is nearby. The people are friendly and very helpful. It possesses a fun loving and lively environment. Here is a mixture of students from different backgrounds and is a large international community. To get a break from the intense studies, all friends hang out; go to a club or for dinner. For international students, it a safe environment to live in, also study and enjoy at the same time!

The Computer Science department is one of the known departments worldwide and I hope more students come to study and make use of the excellent education being provided. The career opportunities after this course are also very bright. In all, studying at the University has been a really great experience and I would recommend students to apply and enjoy their academic life here.

Pooja Shah - BA Drama

Pooja ShahI was introduced to Bristol via the tertiary center at my IB college: United World College of South East Asia, Singapore. I wanted to study Drama in an atmosphere where I was allowed to make my own choices and decisions and which helped me focus on directing. From all the universities that I was offered places, Bristol seemed most promising. From reading about Bristol online, I felt that the place was a merge between the chaotic city life that I had grown up in and also the calm peaceful life that I desired.

As for why I chose to do theatre, it’s been a passion for me since I was a child and have always wanted to be a director. There was nothing else that I wanted to study more. I come from a place where there are many things that are still considered taboo and not spoken about openly. I wanted to use the medium of street theatre to change that.

The last 2 years have been an excellent experience for me. There are many things on my course that I enjoyed very much. The liberty, the equipment, and mostly the chance to make mistakes under scrutiny were what I’ve appreciated. The teaching has been very refreshing and new for me. There are lectures, workshops and movies/plays that we watch to gain a better perspective on the subject that we’re concentrating on. There are about 12-15 students per class, sometimes more (up to 30) and sometimes less (up to 10) which helps us get individual attention. Though the unit choice available is sometimes extensive, I seem to have a problem in gaining access to specific subjects I had wished to study. Sometimes, the options available are very few and concise.

There is a large difference between the education system in India and in the UK. The student-teacher relationship is far simpler and strong in a country like UK as opposed to India. The technology and the resources available, especially for a subject like Drama, are extensive in the UK. The freedom given and the independent study time available where the student is not cramped with university obligations is also taken into consideration. What I enjoy the most is the varied company and cultures that I come across in the UK and get a chance to be involved with. 

As a student of the university, you have the world at your feet at the Fresher’s fair. You have every social activity you can dream of available to you. All you need is the inclination and sometimes the courage to join them and continue to pursue them. I am a member of the DramaSoc, MECAS (middle eastern cultural appreciation society), Hip-hop classes, Script Reading Society, RAG, and a few others. This is an excellent way of meeting people outside of your course and also to find things you’re really good at and may not have known about! It’s a good and positive way of spending time!

Bristol is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited and lived in. It has a way of making itself change to suit you! My favorite place in Bristol is a small walkway that comes to your left as you are walking towards Manor hall from the students union. There is a low fence there and you can see the entire west side of Bristol from up there. It is the most beautiful sight and gives me a strange satisfaction to be standing there!

If anyone from India is hoping to study in Bristol, for whatever subject it may be, please follow through! It is a brilliant, vibrant place that you will most certainly fall in love with. I’ve had a fantastic time and am immensely sad to be leaving in just a year! I would love to be a part of Bristol forever! If you’re not very good at English, or are afraid to meet new people then don’t worry because Bristol has the best people and they will help you out no matter what!

I hope to go back to Mumbai, India and open my own theatre company and put to use all that I’ve learnt at my 3 years in Bristol University.

Gowrishanker Sivabala - MSc Integrated Aerospace Systems Design Gowrishanker Sivabala

Newton said, ‘if I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulder of giants’ and this is the image that developed in me about the University of Bristol when I read through the various websites and student forums before I could take up the course here. I’m pursuing my Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering, which is one among the prominent Departments in the University with state of the art lab facilities and a strong and vibrant research faculty. The University of Bristol offers a unique package that combines education, industry and research to qualify young professionals to meet the present competitive economy coupled with leadership qualities. It is evident that the University of Bristol is one among the highly ranked universities in the UK, receiving the highest number of applications per place.

The ‘Harbourside’ was the first ever place I landed in when I arrived at Bristol. The view was amazing and extremely impressive. It is still one of my favourite spots at Bristol. The City is interesting, fascinating and most importantly, very lively! I would consider it as a beautiful place being a photography enthusiast. Whether it be the University, student accommodations, supermarkets or restaurants, they are all within walking limits. Even the cost of living is not very expensive here. Bristol is thus, a very convenient City to live in.

Being an International student, I find the course competitive as well as beneficial in various ways. The teaching style and methodology are designed in a way that it provokes the practicality and the research ability of an individual. I consider this as an opportunity to befriend students from other nations, meet and converse with delegates and improve my communication skills. Being elected as the Student Representative of my Cohort I was given an opportunity to handle extra responsibilities. All these would definitely add up to the shaping up of my career in the future. Winning the International Scholarship award from the University has given me additional motivation to enhance my academic skills further.

Ganapathy M Somiah - BEng Mechanical Engineering

Ganapathy M SomiahI was first told of the University of Bristol by a counsellor at my school. I had decided that I wanted to study in the U.K. and my choice of Bristol was largely influenced by the reputation its engineering department held. I am pleased to say, after having begun a mechanical engineering course here, that the department does live up to its reputation.  The University website was a great source of information, and all my enquiries by e-mail received prompt and useful replies.

The University is a fantastic place to be and some of the buildings; the Wills Memorial in particular are truly awe inspiring. The first time I entered the Wills Memorial building the magnificent ceiling and gigantic walls rendered me utterly speechless; it is truly a triumph of architectural and aesthetic genius. With regard to the city of Bristol I was in for a major shock because I came with the impression that Bristol was a small town but what greeted me was something that is nowhere close to being either of those descriptions.  I would say it is a curious mix of the traditional and modern. It is a historical place in terms of technological milestones as well particularly with regard to ships, bridges and aircrafts. My favourite part of the city is the Downs at the end of Whiteladies Road. It is a massive bit of open grassland that is mainly used by University students to play football on.

Having begun my studies at the University I particularly enjoy the practical activities included in my course. I would never have done such interesting experiments or attended such intriguing workshops back home. Coming to the U.K. and Bristol in particular has surely improved my career prospects in a big way and I am sure that a variety of avenues will open up for me once I finish the course.

I am fanatical about sport and the myriad of sports offered at the University has been a boon. The facilities are wonderful and I have ensured that I make full use of them. The football games on Wednesdays and Sundays are truly an enjoyable experience and anyone interested in sport can rest assured for you will get all you have ever wanted and more in terms of opportunities and facilities.

On the whole I see myself having left India to study here a boon because of the endless opportunities that are on offer. The 'studying' atmosphere is totally different, you are more at ease to work at your own pace and a lot or rather everything depends on the effort you put in to your work. If I were asked for an opinion by a fellow Indian on coming to the U.K. and Bristol in particular to attend university I would advocate the option with all gusto because if not for anything else the very experience is something to be cherished.

Neha Tomar - LLM International Law Neha Tomar

My postgraduate course in International Law in the University of Bristol commenced in October 2011. Since then my life has changed dramatically. While the weekdays were spent preparing and attending hard core seminars, the weekends were spent traveling Bristol and exploring England. It has indeed been a thrilling change. There is a will to study, an eagerness to learn, to develop analytical skills, to meet the level of excellence. The blend of international students has been such that the experience has been overwhelming. Co-students have been extremely warm and friendly while the professors have been mentors. The atmosphere of the university is awe-inspiring. There is an unlimited list of experiences to gain here.

I always wanted to go to the United Kingdom for my further studies. I wanted to experience the rich English educational and cultural exposure. After completing my graduation in Law, I approached the Chopras, a global education corporate in India which immensely guided me for my post graduate applications in the United Kingdom. Amongst many of the well reputed Universities in England, I chose the University of Bristol as it affirmed a perfect combination of education, co-curricular activities and exposure to English as well as various other cultures.

I thoroughly enjoyed my course in Bristol. The student accommodation proved to be a delightful platform for interaction with students of various nationalities. In my free time I would exploit the facilities available in the sports centre of the University. It is pertinent to mention that the University is a home to some of the most competitive sports team of England.

Bristol university definitely proved to be the best choice I could have made for my post graduate studies I have here found an eagerness to study. I have got more exposure than I could have ever expected. I have learnt to balance hard work and pleasure, to enjoy solitude and companionship. The experience has been intellectually stimulating and definitely a very enjoyable one!

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