Student experiences - Ghana

Zirah Gamel Ghan - MSc International Relations

Janetta Sika Akoto - PhD in Education

Janetta Sika AkotoAs an international student I felt settled and welcomed from the very first day I arrived in Bristol. As it was my first time in the UK I was really ecstatic on arrival at Heathrow to see warm and friendly international ambassadors on hand to meet and greet me and to ensure that my onward journey to Bristol was as smooth as possible. This is the kind of support the International Office continues to offer all international students and I am very grateful for the dedication and friendliness with which such support is carried out. I am happy that I was given the opportunity to be part of this dedicated team to carry on such a wonderful tradition. I know that I can always fall on the kindness of the warm and friendly staff of the International Office on any issue while I continue to remain a student here in Bristol and even beyond that because of the lasting bonds forged.

The city of Bristol is very beautiful. Its hilly terrain reminds me of my hometown and therefore I have grown fond of the city and its people. Its close proximity to wonderful tourist sites in the southwest in addition to its own attractions; the zoo, the Avon Gorge and its beautiful bridge built by Brunel, the spires dotted around the city and its rich history, and the wonderful and picturesque sceneries offered by the countryside, evokes nostalgia in any newcomer. It is an experience of a lifetime.

Coming to the University of Bristol has been life changing for me because of the immense store of knowledge it offers and also because of the positive impact on my own professional competence (as an Assistant Registrar who was in charge of international relations in a university back in my home country). My association with the international office has greatly enhanced my understanding of how to meet the needs of international students effectively in a manner that puts a human face into service provision.

I came to Bristol to study; I did that and more experiencing such kindness that will last a lifetime. Thank you.

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