Student experiences - Germany

Sabine Rannio - BSc Neuroscience 

Student experiences (Germany)

Hi, I’m Sabine and I’m from Germany. I am currently in my second year reading Neuroscience at the University of Bristol. 

Coming to Bristol was one of the best choices I have ever made. The University is known for its academic excellence and modern facilities. Bristol offers great opportunities, most of the professors are highly active in research and multinational staff and guest lecturers from around the world exchange ideas and concepts.

Bristol is a fantastic city to live in as it’s neither too big nor too small and there are always plenty of things to do. The shops are close to campus and the city is very green, with lots of parks to sit and relax in. If you want to explore the rest of the UK, Bristol offers excellent transport links - you can travel to London for as little as ₤1!

I really enjoy Neuroscience at Bristol because of its excellent facilities and supportive staff. The lecturers introduce you to theoretical aspects and you then deepen your knowledge in practical experiments. I find it really interesting getting hands-on experience which will prepare me for a future in scientific research. There is a fair level of independence in the units which helps you build up your confidence and develop professional skills.

In terms of social activities, there are over 300 societies available at the University. From Skydiving to Chocolate Society, Bollywood Dance to PantoSoc, it’s a great opportunity to try something new and meet like-minded people from all over the world.

Studying at Bristol is a truly unique experience. Not only do you receive first-class teaching from a University recognised globally for its academic excellence, you also get to study in a supportive environment where the student experience, both professionally and personally, is paramount. Bristol has quickly become my home away from home and is the perfect place for your first study abroad experience.

Maren Muller-Glodde - BSc Experimental Psychology

Maren Muller-GloddeHi, my name is Maren and I am originally from Germany. I have spent the last three years of my life living in Britain, most recently in Bristol. I am extremely happy with my decision to study here for a number of reasons, and although the list is long I will elaborate on three of the most important ones.

Firstly, I love the city and how the University has been integrated into the city. The University is situated very close to the centre of town, but instead of most places where a campus seems to separate the university from the city, in Bristol they merge so that the whole city buzzes with student life. This makes Bristol an amazing place to be a student; there are endless things to do in the city and almost everything needed for student life is within walking distance of the University.

Secondly, Bristol is an amazing university academically. Two aspects that I find particularly good about my particular course are a) the variety of things you can study, for example I did both Spanish and Sociology as open units in my first year; and b) the fact that many of my professors are involved in active research and do not just teach, thus even as an undergraduates we have direct access to new research.

Lastly, the range of social activities offered by the University is astounding. I got involved with a number of societies from the start and have found it an incredibly rewarding experience; not only because I have learnt a lot and enjoyed the activities, but also because they have shaped my social life and allowed me to find great friends outside of my course. I would encourage all new students to get involved in at least one activity outside of university.

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