Student experiences - Georgia

Anano Kasradze - BSc Economics and Mathematics

Anano KasradzeI am a first year student from Georgia.

I chose to study in the UK because it is known for a high-class education. I researched a lot of Universities throughout the country, and the University of Bristol seemed to be the most appealing to me.

There is a whole variety of courses to choose from; I chose to take the course – BSc Economics and Mathematics, because it is exactly what I am interested in. The thing I enjoy most about my course is that I have two departments I can turn to if I ever need help.

From school, I am used to a lot of teacher’s attention, so I was scared I would not get much attention in the lectures; however, we have tutorials besides the lectures where we are up to 12 people, and the tutors answer any questions you have.

Besides the studying, the city of Bristol is beautiful. It isn’t too big or too small, it is safe, student friendly and it also has an Association with my hometown- Tbilisi/Tiflis.

It is very important to choose a University that fits you, when you become a student. It is vital to understand that you should not chose it because of its rank or because of what others say; keep in mind that you will have to study there for approximately 3 or 4 years, so chose your own fit, like I did mine and I am happy with my choice.

Nazi Burduladze - MSc International Relations

Nazi BurduladzeThere is no doubt that, it is a challenging decision to choose the right university to help further your career path. Also, it is an especially daunting process to choose a university in the UK. The main reason for the difficulty in choosing a university is that the UK is the heart of education and has a wide range of high-quality universities.

Why did I choose the University of Bristol? The high level of education, the high quality of seminars and classes, a well-organized educational system, the friendly, helpful atmosphere, the structure of the course, highly experienced, skilled and trained professors, a different learning and working style (which includes powerpoint presentations, discussions about several topics, essay writing, deep understanding of the topics), several leisure centers, access to library and sports activities. All of these criteria are met by the University of Bristol, which will provide me with long–term benefits for my future life.

Furthermore, the city of Bristol is amazing for me because of its varied lifestyle. On one hand is my busy study schedule and on the other is the active, fun side of student life including clubbing. The University of Bristol as well as the city gives me the opportunity to realize my interests and career objectives.

Indeed, the best test for an individual is to live independently, which helps me to learn more about my strengths and weaknesses. For that, University accommodation provides the opportunity to meet other international students, which also gives me a chance to gain knowledge of cultural differences and similarities. These conditions help me to feel satisfied, content and comfortable like in my hometown.

Finally, what I have mentioned above underlines the good quality of the study experience at the University of Bristol, which gives it the right to be in the list of the Ten Top Universities in the UK.

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