Student experiences - France

Anais Gallet - MSci Mathematics

Student experiences (France) Coming to study at the University of Bristol was a very exciting step for me. I was moving to a new country, without my family, to start a new chapter in my life. I had been living in China studying the International Baccalaureate in Shanghai and wanted to continue my global journey for higher education. There were a million possibilities and I ended up choosing Bristol and am very happy I did.

Bristol is a wonderful city and the university is a great institution. I think the best aspect of the city is it's diversity; catering to everyone's preferences and allowing its inhabitants to explore various cultures. Be it a fancy restaurant in Clifton or amazing street art in the centre, there is always something new to discover. 

I really enjoy my course and the freedom of choice I have when choosing units within Mathematics. There are a wide range of societies to get involved in and this year I am in the Dance Society.

Bristol is a great place to be and study. 

Nicolas Jenny - BSc Politics

Nicolas JennyI graduated from the British School Manila in the Philippines in 2008 and decided to take a gap year. I had applied to Bristol after rummaging through different university rankings systems and finding that every single one said the same thing: Bristol University was a world class institution in a lively and entertaining city. The university had always been one of my highest choices and being accepted in the winter of 2009 was a great feeling.

I had never visited the university before arriving for Freshers' week but I felt immediately welcomed by the vast amount of people I met from different backgrounds. I took an almost immediate liking to the city and the first thing I realised was how friendly people were. The city is truly unique and there’s definitely something around for everyone from sports, arts, music, travelling, partying, relaxing to shopping… the list is endless. Bristol is a fantastic city and it was only after spending a few days in London that I realised to what extent Bristol catered for students. Living expenses are lower, the nightlife won’t leave you broke and there are always a wide variety of student discounts available. What I most appreciate about Bristol is that it’s a city that is inviting to everyone but still manages to retain its own character.

Studying Politics with the University of Bristol is a choice I cannot regret. What surprised me in the first few weeks of studying in the department was how much material we were reading that was written by if not co-authored by our own lecturers. It was apparent from the start that our lecturers were all happy to help us if ever we ran into any problems. Furthermore, we were all assigned with a personal tutor and it’s comforting knowing that there’s someone there responsible for helping you.

There are also plenty of opportunities to get involved. Within the Department of Politics I ran to join the Student-Staff Committee and we regularly meet to discuss any issues that appear. Within the University, Freshers' fair offers you more than enough societies of your own interest. There are even opportunities to get involved in your Hall if you choose to live in one. I’ve ended up playing football regularly for Wills Hall which is always a good way to spend a Wednesday afternoon. The sporting facilities are also something I really appreciate at the University. The swimming pool, tennis and squash courts are always there for you to take advantage of.

I decided to become an International Office Ambassador mainly because of my diverse background. I wanted to help newly arriving people really appreciate Bristol for the brilliant city it is and make them feel as welcome as I did when I first arrived.

University is a great opportunity to try new things, get involved and meet new people. Take the opportunity to do it at Bristol University in this incredible city which cannot be missed.

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