Student experiences - Estonia

Erik Müürsepp - BSc Biochemistry with Study in Industry

Erik MüürseppIn my final year of high school back in Estonia, I knew that I wanted to continue my education in the UK. But I was very specific about two things: my university had to have a great academic reputation and it had to be located within a lively city with a great vibe. Every source I looked into confirmed that Bristol was the place for me and after two terms of being here I know that to be true.

Arriving at a brand new city in a foreign country was a bit daunting at first. But all the different languages I could hear around Temple Meads station as I got off my train made me realise that Bristol was a place that valued multiculturalism. My experience living in halls has been amazing ever since freshers' week. Mostly because of the fantastic fun-loving people that I’ve met who can brighten up even the worst of my days. Stoke Bishop halls may seem to be located unpleasantly far away from the university, but I’ve found that being right next to the Downs works as the perfect motivator for me to go running regularly.

My course of study has proven to be very intellectually stimulating. Biochemistry can be a challenging subject at times, but the level of teaching and the tutorial system ensures that you never fall behind. I particularly enjoy how considerable emphasis is placed on the practical part of the course, as true science happens in the laboratory.

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise I’ve had is that the weather in Bristol is actually great. I was prepared for rain showers every single day and for sunshine to be a rare occurrence. I am very happy to be proven wrong and the summery (at least for me) weather in March is fantastic.

Being a medic doesn’t leave me with much free time, but I can still make the most of Bristol’s rich cultural and social scene. Ranging from concerts of Nouvelle Vague, featuring art exhibitions, everyone can find their own interest niche.

Bristol has millions of wonderful little cafes and tea houses, that I decided to explore (it is my long-term challenge). Once, in one such little cafe, I had to use some skills from medical school. Yes, I gave first aid. To everyone’s surprise, it was successful and now I can say it has been the most memorable experience here so far.

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