Student experiences - Botswana

Henda Uananisa - PhD Mechanical Engineering

Henda UananisaBack in my home country, I’m involved in the academic profession as a member of staff at a local university (University of Botswana), hence I suppose this background of being involved in a working environment that directly deals with people (students, colleagues at work, and so on) was the major motivation for me to take on the function of being an International Office Ambassador. Moreover, I also strongly believe that nothing can replace the warmth and satisfaction that comes with the joy of networking with people, especially people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures, which this job offers.

I have always tactically approached my choice of place to study, the first priority being the quality of the programme in terms of both the international accreditation of the institution, and the ranking of the university. An opportunity to study at the University of Bristol has not only been a great achievement of my personal career, but an absolute fulfillment of my expectations. The university is one of of highest ranking in the world (around number 32 in the Times world rankings), but the facilities it offers for studying and research are absolutely fantastic. Moreover, I work amongst a very supportive research team, and I am blessed to have the privilege and guidance of some of Britain’s well established and Internationally recognised professors as my supervisors, which provides a good mentoring experience for me in my field and career. I am learning a lot of new skills and as a hopeful future researcher at my local university back home, this promises to become a formidable asset to my career development.

Finally, since my arrival in Bristol in December 2009, I was humbled to observe that the city itself offers a very diverse cultural mix, which psychologically offers an atmosphere of home-away-from-home; and the weather in Bristol, compared to Glasgow, Scotland (where I spent a chilly year!), provides some reasonable spells of sunshine and warmer temperatures, which is acceptable for me as someone from a different hemisphere altogether. For me, Bristol is the best city to live in, and I couldn’t have ever asked for more.

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