Student experiences - Bosnia Herzegovina

Edo Omic - MSc Economics

Edo OmicThere is just something unique to Bristol that makes you want to study here. I first became exposed to the University of Bristol during a study abroad year when I was an undergraduate student in the USA. That year made such an impression on me that I returned as a postgraduate student.

I came to Bristol to study for a Masters in Economics because Bristol offers a truly exceptional student environment. Bristol is a world class academic university with a faculty to match the reputation. The personal tutor system at Bristol allows students to interact with professors on an almost equal level. The professors encourage insightful questions, debate, and arguments, so they can help you deepen your knowledge. Students are expected to perform on a high level, but the faculties ensure an access to all possible resources for students to succeed.

The most interesting part of the University are the students that fill the classrooms. I have never meet a student body so informed about world affairs, economics, philosophy, science, or culture. It is refreshing to be at a university where the students actually aspire to that old notion to learn for the sake of learning. After a day of lectures and reading it is not all that uncommon to see students have a pint or tea together and intensely discussing a topic unrelated to their field of study.

The city itself helps foster such a student environment with countless student cafes and pubs. Bristol, as often said, is a miniature London. It is not so large that you become suffocated by an urban jungle, but it is large enough to give you a European metropolitan feel. Students will often find themselves on small streets, surrounded by shops in well preserved Georgian buildings. The city is also surrounded by the breath taking historical south-west countryside, which gives you the welcome break if you grow tired in the city.

For any student contemplating if he/she should study here, you should just stop and come to Bristol. The students and residents of the city are friendly and will instantly make you feel comfortable. The diversity within the student and locals creates a truly accepting international community. Bristol has allowed me to show my culture to others, and at the same time to learn about all the other ones that find their way here.

Marina Velickovic - LLB Law

I grew up in a post-war developing country, which had its challenges, but also a few advantages. Thinking ahead and counting on setbacks became inherent to my studies. However, once I got to Bristol that was no longer necessary. The University has great book collections, computer facilities, and online resources. Teaching staff are incredibly well informed and up-to-date with everything, which is essential for a course that changes as rapidly as Law.

Also, if you have done your research and as a future Bristol student, you probably have, you know the numerous societies that we have. They are an essential part of any University experience, and Bristol will give you plenty to choose from. They all organize amazing socials that will become some of your best university memories. Which is why Bristol’s alumni, who are amongst the best in their fields, often come back and give talks – that might just inspire your career choice.

The City is the perfect size for students, because there are plenty of places to go out and never get bored, shopping in Cabot will make for a perfect Saturday, and wondering around Clifton or the Harbourside on a sunny day, taking photos of cotton candy coloured houses makes for a perfect study break. And for those of you in Stoke Bishop – there are free bus services, so there’s no excuse not to get the most out of the city.

Coming to one of the best institutions in the country, you will have to work harder than you’ve ever worked, but your tutors and peers will make sure that you enjoy it and overcome any hurdles you might face. Personally, coming to Bristol, as frightening as facing new the culture, city, people and challenges seemed at first, was the best decision I could have made.

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