The Petrology Group hosts world-class facilities for performing and analysing experiments at conditions ranging from the Earth’s surface to its core, supported by a well-equipped and well-staffed machine shop, a World-class electron microbeam suite and high-performance computing facilities.

Experimental Facilities

The Petrology Group hosts a world-class suite of cutting-edge equipment capable of recreating the extreme conditions of pressure and temperature ranging from Earth’s surface to its centre. Much of our equipment is designed, built and maintained in collaboration with the machinists who operate the well-equipped machine shop situated alongside the Petrology Group laboratories. Below is a list of our primary equipment. Facilities include 1 atmosphere furnaces (including gas mixing), cold-seal pressure vessels, piston cylinder and multi-anvil presses, laser- and resistively-heated diamond anvil cells and a laser milling machine for the preparation of sample assemblies with unparalleled precision.

Sample Preparation Facilities

The Petrology Group has a range of equipment and facilities for the preparation of samples and assemblies for high pressure experiments as well as for the preparation of run products for analysis.

Analytical Facilities

The Petrology group has its own facilities for the analysis of experimental run products including and Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy as well as access to the School’s World-class electron microbeam suite.

Machine Shop

The School’s machine shop is co-located with the Petrology Group laboratories and is a vital resource for the design, manufacture and maintenance of our cutting-edge experimental facilities.

High Performance Computing Facilities

Members of the Petrology Group have access to the High-Performance Computing (HPC) facilities provided free of charge by the University’s Advanced Computing Research Centre, including BlueCrystal4 and the forthcoming BluePebble and ARM based Catalyst machines. Some members of the group also regularly use the UK HPC system ARCHER2 and Isambard, a new ARM based system operated by the GW4+ alliance.

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