Current members of the Petrology Group.

Academic staff

Dr Richard Brooker
I manage the experimental petrology facilities, with projects ranging from planetary mantle petrology, crustal processes such as magma mushes through to volcanology, with a particular interest in the role of volatiles and more recently rheology. Other current research interests include ash damage in jet engines, survival of DNA and organic material during diagenesis and the environmental impact of mining ‘sulphide smoker’ deposits from mid-ocean ridges. I have a keen interest pushing experimental boundaries by designing new experimental equipment in close collaboration with our workshop.

Dr Frances Cooper
I study the mechanics of large-scale continental deformation and the evolution of orogenic systems, including the Himalaya, the Andes, and the Western US Cordillera. Through an ongoing collaboration with the mining company, BHP, I have a particular interest in the tectonic controls on porphyry copper deposits.

Professor Simon Kohn
My research is aimed at understanding the materials that control large-scale processes in the Earth’s mantle and crust and includes volatile dissolution mechanisms in silicate melts and OH storage in nominally anhydrous minerals in the mantle. My current focus is on diamonds and their inclusions and the unique information they provide on global geochemical cycling and the history of the lithosphere.

Dr Oliver Lord, Research group leader
I study the deep interior of the Earth by recreating its extreme pressures and temperatures in my home lab, at a variety of international synchrotron x-ray facilities and, more recently, inside supercomputers.

Dr Robert Myhill
I study the evolution and structure of the Earth and Mars through a combination of high-pressure experimental petrology, mineral physics, and geodynamics. I am particularly interested in where and how our planet melts, and in how melting over the last 4.5 billion years has led to the diverse geology of our planet. I am a principal developer of the BurnMan thermodynamics software ( and ASPECT geodynamics software (

Dr Jenny Riker
I’m a teaching-focused lecturer in the School of Earth Sciences with an emphasis on field-based geoscience education. I am also a member of the Volcanology and Petrology research groups. My research combines experiments, field observation, and textural and chemical characterisation of volcanic rocks to clarify the links between magmatic processes and volcanic activity. 

Postdoctoral researchers 

Dr Sarah Fowler
Dr Tom Lamont
Dr Amanda Lindoo
Dr Simon Lock
Dr Brian Tattitch
Dr Tim Tomkinson

Honorary staff 

Professor Jon Blundy
Dr Galina Bulanova
Dr Danilo di Genova
Dr Emily Fallon
Dr Lotta Kempinen
Dr Laura Speich
Mr Chris Smith
Professor John Thompson
Professor Mike Walter


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