S-Plus review

S-plus is a versatile piece of software for data manipulation, thanks to the object-orientated nature of the programming language S, graphing and statistical modelling. Multilevel or random-effects modelling in S-plus can be handled by the functions lme in the nlme library and glme in the correlated Data library for normal and discrete responses. Glme is essentially an extension to the extensive work done by Pinheiro and Bates for the nlme library.

S-plus is a commercial implementation of the object-oriented S programming language which was originally developed by John Chambers and his colleagues at Bell Labs (of AT and T, now Lucent Technologies) in the late 70s. The commercialization of the S language in the form of S-plus came about in 1987 through the initiatives of R Douglas Martin who founded StatSci Inc. Since 2001 S-plus has been marketed and supported by Insightful Corporation. At the time of writing the latest version of S-plus for Windows is 6.2 and is the version under review in this report. The incorporated S language is at version 4.

S-Plus review (PDF, 233kB) by Edmond Ng

S-Plus website: www.insightful.com

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