Gallery of multilevel papers and multilevel showcase

The Gallery is a database of (mostly) published journal articles which fit multilevel models. It is searchable by model type and substantive area. We hope that this will prove useful for teachers and learners of multilevel modelling as a source of examples to aid understanding, as well as for those who are currently writing a paper and could benefit from seeing how results from multilevel models are typically presented in their research area.

The Gallery displays each paper's citation details and abstract, and it links (via DOI) to the full text on the journal website.

Note that the Gallery is not an exhaustive list of journal articles which use multilevel modelling. It contains papers which have been submitted by their authors. ( More)

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we would love you to complete our gallery of multilevel papers form and/or our showcase form. The Gallery of multilevel papers is for published journal articles while the Showcase is for research using multilevel modelling that will not result in a paper (e.g. research carried out or commissioned by Government departments, private or third sector organisations). Working papers are also accepted for the Gallery provided they are available to read online and that you notify us when they are published so we can update the Gallery.


We hope that having your paper included in the Gallery will increase its exposure and result in more impact and citations for you.

You are welcome to submit as many papers as you wish to the Gallery. You will need to fill in the form separately for each paper (multiple papers cannot be submitted on the same form).

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Multilevel Showcase

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This is intended to supplement the Gallery by celebrating a broader range of research carried out using our software or by researchers who have attended our workshops or used our online training materials. It will not be limited to research published in academic journals. Researchers included in the Showcase may be working in such areas as Government, industry, charities or voluntary organisations; or they may be academics who have been commissioned to carry out a certain piece of research by such groups. Showcase entries can feature individual researchers (or groups of individual researchers), or organisations.

We really value information collected through the Showcase as this provides examples of our indirect impact through our software and training activities which we can mention to our funders as evidence that their money has been well spent, and to strengthen our applications for further funding to continue developing software and providing training in the future. For this reason, if you feel you have benefitted from our software or training, we encourage you to complete the Showcase form even if you do not wish to be featured on our website. The form includes a box you can tick to let us know that you are providing the information for CMM's (and our funders') information only and to request not to appear in the Showcase.

The Showcase is a longer term project which we expect to add to the website at a future point, after a period of collecting entries. It will include

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