Accommodation fees - what you pay

Accommodation fees

The accommodation fee you pay depends on the type of room you have. We have a very wide variety of accommodation, and so the fees are varied too. Fees are calculated using a number of factors including room size, whether you have a basin, or en suite, facilities at your residence such as common rooms and bars, gardens and sports facilities, any enhancement to your room, and catering (if applicable). The fee also includes all gas, electricity and water rates, plus internet and a bus pass. Accommodation fees are published on each residence page and are available to download below. 

JCR fee

Each residence has a Social Committee called a Junior Common Room, or JCR, that is run by students who organise social and sporting events. All students moving into University-allocated accommodation pay a JCR fee of around £50 towards their committee, which goes towards funding the social events provided by your residence throughout the year. This one-off charge is compulsory and is collected in your first fee payment.

Insurance costs

All University allocated accommodation comes with compulsory basic contents insurance. The policy you are covered by and the cost of the insurance varies according to which residence you are in. It is vital that you check your policy and ensure that the cover is suitable for your needs. Bicycles are not usually covered as standard and you should top-up your insurance to cover your bicycle, for example. 

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