Private rented accommodation

The Accommodation Office offers all students the help and expertise of our trained private-rented sector advisors, who can advise on everything from budget to issues with a landlord.

Moving in to private accommodation

Are you moving into your private rented tenancy soon? 

If so, check out this online module which goes through the actions you should take and things you should consider in order to avoid problems when moving in and throughout your tenancy. It covers points such as what to do about Council Tax, deposits and other relevant issues.

It will only take 5 minutes to go through it. Please take a look - it could save you time and money later.

Having problems with your private accommodation?

We've got downloads with advice on plenty of common problems and are here to help if you run in to trouble while renting in the private sector. 

Coronavirus and your private rented accommodation

Covid-19 has caused a number of significant complicating factors for students renting in the private sector. Read our most up to date information based on current government advice and legislation.

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