Pro Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement

The Pro Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement leads all aspects of the University's global civic strategy.

Role and responsibilities

The Pro Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement is responsible for:

  • building and maintaining the university’s international reputation in education, student experience, research, enterprise, innovation, and civic engagement
  • developing and sustaining strategic partnerships and alliances in selected geographical hubs across the globe
  • working with governments and government agencies, universities, higher education networks, businesses, charities, industry bodies and community organisations to build and enrich these global hubs
  • strategic oversight of student recruitment and admissions, with a focus on diversifying our student community to improve access, participation and student success for underrepresented groups at home and abroad
  • academic leadership of other aspects of the University's external relations activity, including marketing, communications, alumni relations and philanthropy.

Post holder

Recruitment in progress.

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