How Bad are Bananas?

Exploring the carbon footprint of groceries, goods and lifestyle choices through a fun and educational game based on the best-selling book.

To help staff and students develop their carbon literacy, the Sustainability team works with student volunteers to play 'How Bad are Bananas?' at University events including Welcome Week, Freshers Fair and departmental meetings.

Players are asked to clarify their understanding of a carbon footprint, before deciding which of each pair of cards has a 'higher' or 'lower' carbon footprint. 

Each round takes 5-10 minutes, and can be played by inidividuals or with groups of up to about 8. 

If you have an event or meeting you'd like us to come along to, please contact the Sustainability Communications Officer, to discuss. 


Join our team of student volunteers and teach other students about carbon footprints by playing this fun and interactive game.

In return for undertaking the training, and spending 2-3 hours per month playing the game at pop-up events around campus, you'll learn tonnes(!) about carbon footprints, and have the opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills. Carbon Literacy volunteering also counts towards the BristolPLUS award. 

If interested, please email

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