Web Governance Policy

Last updated: 21 November 2016

Web Governance Policy (PDF, 205kB)

The University website represents our most important communication channel and is an enabler of our core business of research and education. Therefore, any content published upon the University website that doesn’t support a business goal or meet a user need is a distraction and an unwanted cost in time and resource and degrades user experience.

By implementing the Policy, the following objectives will be achieved.

User focus

  • All sites will prioritise the needs of the user, delivering content and services specific to their needs
  • All sites will be designed ‘Mobile First’ so that the advantages and benefits of using responsive design are fully realised and fulfil the users’ expectations for delivery of high quality content to mobile devices
  • All sites will adopt navigation and Information Architecture (IA) that is compatible and effective across all devices.


  • A Web Content Strategy will be published to empower staff to create and manage high quality, engaging content in a consistent manner
  • The Web Content Strategy will determine how weak, redundant, obsolete or trivial content will be assessed and provide guidance for what remedial actions to take
  • Training will be improved and provided by the Web Editor Team to focus on what makes a great website and how to create and manage high quality content within the CMS.


  • The Policy provides clarity and accountability within decision-making structures relating to the publishing of web content across the University
  • Publishing activity will continue to support the University in achieving its strategic objectives
  • There will be reduced incidences of inefficiencies, inaccuracies, inconsistencies and duplication of content across sites
  • Responsibilities will be aligned with skills so that the most appropriate individuals are clear on their responsibilities and have the right skills and appropriate access to the right resources to carry out their work professionally.
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