Last updated: 13/12/2016
Summary: An overview of the roles with governance reponsibilities for T4 Site Manager.

To effectively manage the University's websites it is important to establish and maintain clear site ownership and accountability.

The table below provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities across the University websites, from domain level to page level.

Roles and responsibilities for web governance, access and content
Web Executive
  • Governs the ongoing, strategic development of the University’s public-facing web presence
  • Provides leadership and authority to ensure that strategic development of the University’s public-facing web presence supports the delivery of the University’s Strategy and Vision
  • Owns and enforces the Web Governance Policy
  • Provides a point of escalation for any breach of the Web Governance Policy.
Site Owners
  • Responsible for the overall strategic direction of the site
  • Ultimately accountable for all content published on the site
  • Authorises staff to become Site Administrators.
Site Administrators
  • Responsible for the operational maintenance of a particular website or set of websites
  • The primary contact for matters relating to the website
  • May authorise other Web Publishers to maintain content on the website and will oversee the work undertaken by them
  • Usually a single Site Administrator has operational maintenance of a website or websites, however, there may be up to three assigned site administrators.
  •  Approves training for Web Publishers.

Web Publishers


  • Responsible for editing and maintaining content for a particular website or set of websites
  • Ensure the overall University web presence is up to date, easy to use for all users, and provides users with a positive impression of the University
  • Adhere to the Governance and Content Strategy policies and their wider legal obligations as a member of University of Bristol staff.
Subject Matter Experts
  • Members of staff with a clear understanding of a subject upon which the Site Administrators or Web Publishers are writing;
  • Subject experts or subject specialists can be from within or external to the University;
  • They can provide insight and knowledge to create more informed and relevant content.
Web Editor team
  • Part of the Communications and Marketing Division
  • Directs content design on the University’s public-facing websites
  • Directs content requests and has the authority to decide what actions to take with content that doesn’t address the University’s business goals or support user needs
  • Provides leadership, advice and guidance to Site Owners, Site Administrators and Web Publishers
  • Implements and ensures adherence to corporate policies
  • Aligns the web priorities of Faculties and other organisational units to the University’s Strategy
  • Responsible for the visual identity of the University web presence
  • Reports to the Web Executive.
  • Responsible for technical support and maintenance of the University web presence
  • Part of IT Services.
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