Maths test for Engineering courses

Relevant courses

The information on this page applies to the following engineering courses: 

  • Aerospace Engineering: BEng (H405), MEng (H410), MEng with Study Abroad in a Modern Language (H401)
  • Civil Engineering: BEng (H205), MEng (H200), MEng with Study Abroad in a Modern Language (H201)
  • Computer Science: MEng (G03), BSc (G400), MEng with Innovation (G404)
  • Computer Science and Electronics: MEng (GH46), BEng (GH45)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering: BEng (H600), MEng (H606), MEng with Study Abroad in a Modern Language (H605), MEng with Innovation (H604)
  • Engineering Design: MEng with Study in Industry (H150)
  • Engineering Mathematics: BEng (G162), MEng (G161), MEng with Study Abroad (G160)
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: BEng (H361), MEng (H360)
  • Mechanical Engineering: BEng (H305), MEng (H300), MEng with Study Abroad in a Modern Language (H301).

If you have applied for BSc Mathematics and Computer Science (GG14) or MEng Mathematics and Computer Science (GG1K), please refer to the maths test for mathematics courses.

Why we test

Engineering courses at the University of Bristol are challenging and students without A-level Mathematics or equivalent have struggled in the past. To ensure that applicants are prepared to succeed, we:

  • set an entry test designed to assess ability (not existing knowledge) in lieu of an A-level in Maths. This is also to ensure you are able to handle the mathematical challenges in the first year of the course;
  • offer additional maths support throughout the first year, alongside the core Engineering Maths 1 unit (for all courses except Computer Science).

The maths test forms part of your pre-offer assessment, and we will not be able to offer you a place if you do not take the test.

Booking your maths test

If we require you to take the maths test, our Admissions Team will contact you. We will send you an email explaining how to register online for your test.

Preparing for the engineering maths test

You will receive an email a few weeks before your test takes place which will contain your login details and a link to the mock test. You will use the same login details to access the live test.

The mock test has randomised question generation, so can be taken as often as you like. The site also contains an outline of the syllabus we are testing, videos we have made to help you learn the material, and suggestions for other resources. Please note, other than these videos, we cannot provide further help; if you require further help, you may contact your school, college or other provider.

Taking your test

Your test will take place online. You can access it using the login details which will be sent to you a few weeks before your test takes place. You will use the same login details to access the mock test.

The test will be available on 15 March 2023 for 24 hours. During this time, we recommend that you set aside 90 minutes to take the test.

Once you have taken your test and followed any final instructions on screen, we will then assess your work. You are not required to do anything further.

Your test results

The department will pass your results to the Admissions Team, who are responsible for making decisions on offers. You will be informed of the decision on your application as soon as possible via UCAS.

Accessibility advice

If you are usually entitled to extra time in assessments, please note that, due to the flexible nature of the test being online and the period of time allowed for completion (24 hours), we anticipate this will allow for adequate provision. It is advisable that you set more than 90 minutes aside to complete the test.

For advice on studying with a disability, contact our Disability Services team on +44 (0)117 331 0444 or

If you have questions or need to change your test date

The test is only available on the date specified above. If you are unable to make it, we will not be able to consider your application further. 

If you have any questions about the process, please contact us: +44 (0)117 394 1649 or

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