Jack's story

Jack, an MSc Palaeobiology student, shares how studying with students who share his passion has further enhanced his enthusiasm for the subject.

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Far from home

I think many people think doing a master’s degree may be intimidating as you’re starting out on your own again if you’re studying at a new university - but I really felt the opposite at Bristol so soon after starting here.

I came to Bristol from Middlesbrough, which is so far north I don’t think I could’ve chosen a university any further away to study my master’s degree. Even though I’m far away from home I was surprised by how welcomed I felt in the city of Bristol, I’ve made so many friends and had so many memorable experiences in only one semester.

A passion for Palaeontology

Being able to study Palaeobiology here at Bristol, a world-renowned course, has allowed me to realise my interest amongst other people who share my passion. My love for my subject was instantly reciprocated by those around me, and I felt like I had finally met a group of people to share my love for prehistoric animals with. Knowing my degree involved researchers on the forefront of the science of my subject, I can’t help but feel excited for my future as a palaeontologist.

Whether it’s meeting new people on one of many nights out or discussing feathered dinosaurs in ‘dino society’, not once have I ever felt out of place, and I know I’ve made memories here to last a lifetime.

Bristol is a great University in a lively city, constantly offering exciting experiences. Being in the city of Bristol is an added bonus as it’s definitely the best place I've ever lived - I don’t think I've ever felt bored here.

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