Short courses

The University offers a range of short courses for members of the public. Whether you'd like to take the first step into returning to education, or you'd simply like to learn something new, our courses provide flexible learning opportunities for all. No prior qualifications required.

Pathways into further study

These courses are designed to help participants progress onto a degree at the University, either for undergraduate or master's level study.

Black History: Revisited

This course will equip you with the tools to understand contemporary debates surrounding Black History, the transatlantic slave trade and the sociology of race. It is a short course designed primarily to help mature students progress to a degree in the History Department. Course fee £240 (2021/22 fee) - financial assistance is available for those on low incomes or in receipt of benefits.

Reading English Literature

Share your ideas and participate in classroom debates on classic and modern literature, explore poetry and prose, gain a greater understanding of Shakespeare and develop your essay writing skills. This course aims to be an enjoyable and confidence-building experience for anyone over 18 returning to study. Course fee £360 (2021/22 fee) - financial assistance is available for those on low incomes or in receipt of benefits.

Mastering English Literature

This course offers the chance to discuss ideas on classic and modern literature at an advanced level, allowing participants to explore a range of different texts from poetry to prose and develop essay writing skills. It will also provide support for those interested in applying for a master's degree or further study. Course fee £410 (2021/22 fee) - fee payable in instalments.

Preparation for future study

These courses give learners a unique access into the range of subjects studied at Bristol. We welcome mature students with non-traditional academic backgrounds, and many participants go on to apply for Foundation Years at the University.

Exploring Arts and Social Sciences

You'll get the chance to sample different subjects within the faculty of Social Sciences and Law and support with your study skills will be embedded throughout to help you make the most of the sessions. Participants on this course are guaranteed an interview for the Foundation Year in Arts and Social Sciences (Cert HE).

Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Led by colleagues from our Science and Engineering faculties, you'll investigate how various disciplines within STEM can be used to improve the world around us. Participants are eligible for a guaranteed invitation to the assessment centre for the Foundation Year in STEM.

Building Academic Language and Literacy

This is a free course that will develop your academic language and literacy skills, providing the ideal preparation for future study. Many participants go on to apply for a foundation year at the University of Bristol.

Explore your interests

These courses provide the opportunity to expand your knowledge and delve into a subject you're interested in. 

Genealogy and History courses

Sample courses that study family history and genealogy, and the ethical dilemmas associated with these subjects.

English Literature and Creative Writing

The Department of English runs a series of short courses each year for members of the public who are interested in English and Creative Writing.

Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens offer a range of short courses and workshops for those interested in horticulture. 

Bristol Medical School 

Bristol Medical School offer intensive online short courses in cutting edge research methodologies, analyses and medical statistics. Courses range in duration from one to five days and are aimed at University staff and research students, public health specialists, health-care professionals and members of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. 

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