Hani's story

Hani, an international neuropsychology master's student, has always been fascinated by the human brain. He explains how the University of Bristol inspired him, and how neuropsychology research can be used to improve lives.

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Understanding the mystery of human conciousness

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the human brain. It blows me away how this 1.5kg of neural circuits holds the mystery of human conciousness, dreams and emotions. Today, I’m doing my master’s and research in neuropsychology.

During my time studying here I have been able to explore not just the microscopic architecture of the brain, but how it relates to our psychological experience of the world.

From my first lecture, I have had the privilege of talking to leading experts and learning about modern theories and ideas in neuroscience.

Real-world application

With the help of tutorials and student-led presentations, I have been able to find a window through which this knowledge can be applied to benefit the lives of countless people suffering from brain disorders and mental health issues.

I am looking forward to the future and carrying the spirit of this great scientific adventure with me forever.

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