Belnice's story

Belnice, an MBChB Medicine student, shares how going to university in the city she grew up in allowed her to stay grounded and explore the city in a brand-new way.

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A progressive hometown

Growing up in Bristol, I’ve always loved the sense of diversity here and how welcoming and friendly the city is. Bristol is a progressive city with a rich history - some of which we can learn from and some we can celebrate and be proud of.

I attended the local grammar school for seven years, which people have often found amusing as I was born in Clifton, went to school in Clifton and came to university in Clifton too. However, I think this says a lot about Bristol as a city itself.

A totally new experience

Being a student at the university is a totally new experience, and I love having the opportunity to explore my course while also getting to explore my city in a different way.

There's always more to discover here, and so many hidden gems that I can enjoy both with friends or on my own. The nature reserves allow me to appreciate the quieter moments, but the hustle and bustle of the centre means that I’m not missing out on city life.

Staying in Bristol has kept me grounded and connected to my friends and family, but I’m still learning more everyday about the city that I am proud to call home.

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