Welcome to Research Frontiers, a podcast series that highlights how our groundbreaking research informs teaching on the 150+ postgraduate programmes available at Bristol.

Episode one – The future of work

What does the future of work look like? And how do we make it sustainable, yet progressive? In this fascinating first episode, host Ruby Lott-Lavigna poses these questions and more with Dr Rutvica Andrijasevic, an associate professor in International Labour Migration, and Dr Huw Thomas, a lecturer in Management. Together with student Mekhala Laud they delve into what the future of work might look like, the right to decent work, and the impact of the digital economy on the workplace.

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Episode two – The psychology of education

Mental health and educational psychology often go hand in hand, but our understanding is often rudimentary. In this second episode host Ruby Lott-Lavigna is joined by Dr Felicity Sedgewick, lecturer and lead researcher at the University of Bristol who specialises in the areas of mental health and autism, and Sarah Boon, a recent alumna of the MSc Psychology of Education programme. Together they discuss the need to adapt education settings to allow for different learning styles with a focus specifically on the needs of autistic students at university.

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Episode three – Understanding urbanisation

This episode focuses on the environment, specifically understanding urbanisation. Our host Ruby Lott-Lavigna is joined by Dr Felix Agyemang, Research Associate at the School of Geographical Sciences and Stephen Pearson, a student currently studying an MSc in Climate Change Science and Policy. Together they discuss the dynamics and processes of cities in the Global South, especially Sub-Saharan Africa, through the application of urban modelling techniques.

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Episode four – Workers and their rights

Does the law always protect workers from their employers? Our host Ruby Lott-Lavigna is joined by Professor Alan Bogg, a professor of Labour Law at the University of Bristol, and Stuart Hurst, a student currently studying a master’s in Employment, Work and Equality Law. Together they discuss the relationship between workers’ rights and the law, the loopholes that have appeared over time, and what the future of employment could look like for workers in the UK.

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Episode five – Data and sustainability

This episode focusses on the crucial role that data and research plays in international decision-making to combat the many crises the world faces today, such as climate change. Our host, Ruby Lott-Lavigna speaks with Jess Epsey, a lecturer in the School of Geographical Sciences and a Senior Adviser to the UN Sustainable Development and Solutions Network, and Nina Cunningham, a student currently studying for a Master’s in Environmental Policy and Management. Together they discuss the importance of understanding and analysing data, as well as being able to use your conclusions to support important arguments in front of policy makers and governance.

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Episode six – Building futures with immersive technologies

How can technology enhance all kinds of performance? For the last episode of the series, host Ruby Lott-Lavigna is joined by Dr Paul Clarke, a Senior Lecturer in Performance Studies at the University of Bristol. Together they discuss what augmented reality has to offer the world from a performance perspective, the benefits this could have on the development of societies, and the possibilities these new technologies can unlock for the future.

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