Drugs and alcohol

Find out how and where to access drug and alcohol support. Learn about the University's harm reduction statement.

If you are concerned about your drug or alcohol use or worried about somebody else, you can approach the University for help. We will not punish students for discussing drug or alcohol use. Instead, we will offer support and signpost you to helpful resources.

The University's statement on drugs and alcohol

We understand that some students may choose to use drugs or drink alcohol while at university.

Instead of a zero-tolerance approach, our drug and alcohol harm reduction statement helps students make informed choices and access support.

Where to find drug and alcohol support at the University

If you are concerned about your (or a friend's) drug or alcohol use and the impact on your wellbeing, studies or relationships, you can request wellbeing support from the University.

We work closely with Bristol SU on harm reduction. Visit the Bristol SU drugs and alcohol page for more resources.

Drugs and the law

Learn about UK drugs laws on the DrugsWise website.

If you are involved in the supply of drugs, you may be disciplined by the University and referred to the police.

If you are found in possession of drugs, University Security Services may issue a warning or other sanction.

Drug and alcohol services

If you are worried about your drug or alcohol use or you have been affected by another person's drug or alcohol use, the following support services may help:

Advice, support, referrals and reagent testing kits for students. Sessions are held weekly, by appointment only.

Contact the team at info@bdp.org.uk or call/text/Whatsapp +44(0)7814 617 687.

A free and confidential service to help with drug and alcohol problems.

An organisation offering alcohol and drug recovery groups.

A clinically proven digital service using behavioural science to help you overcome substance misuse and smoking. Use access code BristolUni11.

Information, advice and support for anyone affected by a parent's drinking.

Facts about drinking to help you make better choices.

Mental health, alcohol and drug support for under-25s.

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