Joint commitment to our students on sexual violence and harassment

The ‘joint commitment’ sets out ways in which we will be making sure that students affected by sexual violence or harassment are supported.

Made by the University of BathBath Spa University, University of Bristol, UWE Bristol, and their respective Students’ Unions.

The Vice-Chancellors from each of the universities, and The Students’ Unions’ Presidents and Officers commit to the following:

  • We will work to ensure our staff take a person-centred approach to support students affected by sexual violence or harassment. You will be heard, listened to, and supported by your University and Students’ Union.
  • Sexual violence and harassment will not be tolerated by the Universities or Students’ Unions.
  • We will raise awareness of appropriate support and organisations to aid the recovery of students that have been affected by sexual violence and harassment.
  • Students will be supported to report sexual violence or harassment should they wish to do so. This includes through external organisations.
  • We will work together across the University of Bath, Bath Spa University, University of Bristol and UWE Bristol where cases include individuals from different institutions.
  • We will provide our staff and students with the tools to speak up and address inappropriate behaviour by providing training, accessible online resources and clear reporting channels.
  • The Universities and the Students’ Unions will actively work locally with external organisations to address sexual violence and harassment.
  • We will work preventatively to help students understand consent and will take an educative approach to tackling sexual violence and harassment.
  • We understand that certain groups are more at risk of sexual violence and harassment. We will take an intersectional approach to support.
  • We will ensure that our policies and procedures are aligned to support this pledge.
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