Tell us about your disability

If you have a disability, health or mental health condition, or specific learning difficulty, tell us so we can help support you in your studies.


We strongly encourage you tell us about your disability when you fill out your application so that we can prepare to support you. This information is not transferred to us from your school or college.

The University will consider your application using the same criteria as all applicants. Disclosing your disability will not affect your chances of receiving an offer.

If you have declared a disability on your application, we will send you a personalised link via email to request a study support plan.

If appropriate, you also need to state any accommodation needs you have in your accommodation application. 

Current students

You can tell us about a disability at any point after you have registered. To tell us, complete the below form to request support with your studies. If appropriate, a study support plan may be offered.

Request study support

  • You will be asked a series of questions to gather information about your condition(s). This might include how they impact your studies and any previous learning support you may have had (for example, in school).
  • Upload evidence as part of the request. If evidence is not available immediately, you can log back into your request later to upload it, or email your evidence to us.
  • If a plan is recommended, you can choose whether you want your condition(s) to be named on your plan. If you answer No, you will still receive a plan and the support it recommends.
  • If you want to talk with someone and get advice before you request study support, you can contact the Disability team.

We strongly recommend that you request study support to ensure you get the right help for your studies. You can read about the types of adjustments to your teaching and assessment that we may recommend.

Next steps

Your request will be reviewed by an adviser, and they will make recommendations based on: 

  • evidence you provide of a disability
  • what support has worked well for you in the past (your normal way of working)
  • your course requirements. 

You may also be invited to an appointment with a Disability Adviser to discuss your study needs in more detail. 

For help during your studies, contact your School Disability Coordinator (SDC).

Disclosure and confidentiality

Anything you share with us will be classed as sensitive personal data and is treated under the Education and Student Experience Division confidentiality statement

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