Funding for SpLD and ADHD assessments

Find out how to access funding for SpLD and ADHD assessments.

If you are an undergraduate student, we may be able to fund your SpLD or educational ADHD assessment.


Access to the fund is means-tested.

For home students, it's based on your family income.

For international students, it's based on your personal income.

The best way to get help with your application is by attending our workshop.

Educational ADHD assessments

We can fund an educational ADHD assessment for students if there is a long wait for a medical assessment with the NHS.

This type of ADHD assessment is different to a medical diagnosis. It will not allow you to obtain medicines for your condition or other types of medical treatment.

However, it will be recognised by us and allow you to access appropriate study support.

You will need to obtain a separate medical diagnosis later if you need medicines or other treatments to manage your condition.

For advice about whether an educational ADHD assessment might be right for you, contact the Disability team.

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