University of Bristol Bursary: FAQs

How do I know if I am eligible for a bursary?

Home UK students on undergraduate programmes, who receive a government maintenance (or special support) grant and whose household income is £42,875 or below will be eligible for a University of Bristol Bursary.

How much is it worth?

A range of bursary amounts will apply between these qualifying household income levels for 2020/21, as shown in the following table:

Household incomeBursary entitlement (full-time students)
£25,000 or below £2,060
£25,001 - £30,000 £1,550
£30,001 - £35,000 £1,290
£35,001 - £40,000 £780
£40,001 - £42,875 £520

Bursaries for eligible part-time students will be calculated based on the tuition fee you pay. For example, if your part-time fee is 50% of the full-time fee, your bursary will be 50% of the equivalent full-time bursary.

Is there a deadline date to claim my University of Bristol Bursary?

Yes. You must have claimed your University of Bristol Bursary by the last day of the summer term for each academic year.

How do I get means tested, so you know my household income?

You need to apply to your Regional Funding Provider and request to be assessed for means-tested support. They will ask you for details of your household income and verify the figures which you and your parents/sponsors provide.

Who is my Regional Funding Provider?

That will depend on where you normally reside when not at University, and for most students they will be living with their parents/sponsors during the holidays.

The relevant websites for applying for support are below:

Do I need to complete a separate application form to apply for the bursary?

No. Your regional provider will assess your entitlement to means tested support using details of your household income provided on your application for student funding, and they will pass this information to the Student Loans Company.

As long as you and your parents/sponsors have given your consent to share this information, the Student Loans Company will then provide confirmation to the University of Bristol of your household income.

Do I need to give my consent to share this information?

Yes. If you do not provide the Student Loans Company with your consent to share this information, the University of Bristol will not know the level of your household income and will not, therefore, be able to award you a bursary.

How do I give my consent to share this information?

The declaration section on the application form have a consent to share question asking if you and your parents/sponsors wish to give consent to share details of the household income with the institution. If you do not tick these boxes, then you have given your consent to share and the University of Bristol will receive this information from Student Loans Company.

I originally ticked the box not giving my consent (or my parents/sponsors did), is it too late to give consent now?

No, it isn't too late, but you and your parent/sponsor must call the appropriate number. Consent can be given at any time during the year.

  • English students: Student Finance England 0300 100 0607
  • Welsh students: Student Finance Wales 0300 200 4050
  • Northern Irish students: Student Finance Northern Ireland 0300 100 0077
  • Scottish students: Student Awards Agency for Scotland 0300 555 0505

What will happen once the University of Bristol receives details of my household income from the Student Loans Company?

You will be emailed as soon as possible in the first few weeks of term to confirm your bursary award. If you have applied late for statutory support or have given your consent to share your information late, the notification of your award will be delayed.

How will the bursary be paid?

The bursary will be paid directly into your bank account by BACS payment.

How do I give the University of Bristol my bank details?

Once you have arrived and registered with the University, you will need to access the My Bristol online portal to supply your bank account details. Please follow these instructions: Entering your bank details.

When will I receive payment of my University of Bristol Bursary?

The bursary will be paid in two instalments provided you are still registered on your course at the time of payment. Payments will be made in December and March.

I am studying medicine/dentistry. If I decide to intercalate as part of my programme, how will my bursary entitlement be affected?

If you decide to intercalate, your NHS funding will start earlier in your programme and, as a result, your University of Bristol bursary entitlement will also cease earlier. For further information, please read our advice on intercalation for students on NHS funded programmes, depending on whether you are undertaking the medicine or dentistry programme.

If my household income is less than £42,875 and I only give my consent to share part way through the academic year, will this affect payment of my University of Bristol Bursary?

The University of Bristol Bursary will still be paid in full, but later than the majority of students who gave their consent to share at the outset.

My first year is about to start and I have not yet applied for statutory support from my regional provider. How can I find out if I might qualify for a means-tested support, and is it too late to apply?

No, it is not too late – but apply now!

You can actually apply for statutory support up to nine months after the start of your academic year in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Students from Scotland only have until the end of March in any given academic year to apply for support. So students in the 2020/21 academic year must apply by the end of March 2021 for financial support applicable to that academic year.

However, each year you should apply as early as possible to ensure that your funding is in place for the start of the academic year.

Will a late application to my Regional Funding Provider for statutory support affect my entitlement for a bursary from the University of Bristol?

No. Provided your household income is £42,875 or less and you give your consent for the Student Loans Company to share this information, the University of Bristol will still pay you a bursary. However, your payments will be delayed, so apply as soon as you can.

What happens if I supply you with the incorrect bank details?

Please ensure you supply an accurate bank account number and sort code in the first instance. If you supply incorrect bank details or change banks without updating your MyBristol portal, your bursary payment will fail.

All payments are made via BACS, therefore we will not be able to make payments to students until they have provided correct bank details.

What happens to my bursary payments if I am in debt to the University?

Students who have set up a payment plan within the MyBristol portal, who are up to date with their payments and have no outstanding instalments, will receive their bursary as expected. If you have overdue payments, the University reserves the right to use all or part of your bursary instalments to offset any outstanding debt.

This policy is explained in detail in the University's student fees regulations which all students agree to at the time of registration. There is also consistent with the terms of conditions for the University of Bristol Bursary and other similar schemes.

What happens to students with a payment plan for debt from a previous academic year?

In cases where the collection of outstanding debt from a previous academic year has been referred to the University's nominated debt collection agency, the University still considers the student to be a debtor.

Where a payment plan is in place and an outstanding balance remains, students should expect their bursary to be used to offset any outstanding debt. The debt collection agency will be informed of the new revised balance and continue to collect any instalments required as agreed in the payment plan. When the balance is cleared the instalments will be stopped.

Students with a payment plan with the nominated debt collection agency do not become exempt from the regulations regarding payment of bursaries to debtors.

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