View upcoming payments

Use the MyBristol portal to check when you will be paid future instalments of your bursary, stipend or scholarship.

How to check your upcoming payments

  1. Log in to the MyBristol portal.
  2. Select Admin from the Technology – More menu.
  3. In the Fees and Funding box, select the link where it says 'clicking here'.
  4. This will take your through to a page titled Your financial statement – invoices and payments made. On this page, select View your financial statement.
  5. Here you will be able to check and view any upcoming payments that have been scheduled for the current academic year, such as postgraduate stipend payments.


Payments are processed up to seven days before the scheduled payment date. Do not make any changes to your bank details during this period. Doing so will cause the transaction to fail, which will cause a significant delay to your payment.

Download a PDF version of these instructions, including screen shots.

View upcoming payments (PDF, 530kB)

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