Receiving your bursary, stipend or scholarship

Find out how you will receive your bursary or scholarship funding, including stipends for postgraduate research students.

Home and EU students

Confirm your details

All payments are made directly to your UK bank account via BACS. Make sure that you have entered your bank details in MyBristol so that we can pay you. You can enter your bank details even before you have been notified that you are going to receive a payment by following these instructions

If you have previously entered your bank details but now need to amend them, you will need to make the change in MyBristol and phone Student Services so that we can validate your identity. Your new bank details cannot be used until you have spoken to one of our advisers and we have processed the change.

If you are an undergraduate student and have applied for means-tested support for your living costs, you also need to ensure you have provided consent to share your household income.

If you receive an email from the Student Funding Office requesting information or action from you, please respond or act promptly.

When will I receive my payment?

We aim to generate payments for the majority of eligible students by the end of October. If you have not heard from us by then, check your financial statement via the MyBristol portal. If you cannot see the payments you are expecting to receive, get in touch with us after 31 October.

University of Bristol International Scholarships

If you receive one of our international scholarships, for example Think Big, your scholarship will be applied to your tuition fees once you have completed registration. 

Your reduced invoice for tuition fees, will appear on your Student Financial Statement. No cash alternative is available.

If the amount of scholarship awarded is more than the cost of your tuition fees, your fees will paid in full but you will not receive the balance.

If your scholarship covers more than one year of study it will be applied to your tuition fees for each year you re-register.

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