Travel bursary

Reimbursed travel costs for prospective UK students attending interviews or post-offer visit days.

The bursary covers the cost of reasonable expenses associated with visiting the University of Bristol to attend an interview or post-offer visit day. Payments cover train, coach, air or boat fare at the most economical rate available. If you travel by car, payments cover the cost of petrol at 15p per mile and parking charges.

For students who have taken part in the Sutton Trust Summer School or Insight into Bristol summer school at the University of Bristol, the bursary covers up to £70 towards the cost of a double/twin hotel room the night before the post-offer visit day or interview.


You can apply if you are:

  • attending a departmental interview and have a household income of under £42,875 or are eligible to receive a contextual offer (regardless of your household income).
  • attending a post-offer visit day and have a household income of under £42,875 or have received a contextual offer (regardless of your household income).

Application process

To apply:

You must include your UCAS number in your application.

Payment will be made by UK bank transfer.

Assessment process

We will review the evidence you submit, and reimburse costs that are covered by this bursary.

Further details

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