Postgraduate discounts for University of Bristol alumni

From August 2022, University of Bristol alumni can get a 25% reduction in tuition fees for postgraduate study.

A 25% discount on tuition fees for your postgraduate degree will be applied for the full duration of the programme.


The fee reduction will be applied if you:

  • are progressing to a higher level qualification than you already hold.
  • register at the university, pay fees directly to the University and are wholly or partly self-funded. Receiving a Postgraduate Masters Loan from Student Finance still qualifies applicants as self-funded.

Eligible programmes:

PhD, MD, EdD, MSc, MA, LLM, Med, MRes, MSc by research, MPhil/PhD or MLitt/PhD or MMus/PhD (so long as applicants who are enrolled on an MPhil/MLitt/MMus intend to progress to a full PhD award), DDS, DEdPSy, MD, EngD.

Find a postgraduate programme.

Non-eligible programmes:

Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, PGCE, Graduate Diploma, EdD Hong Kong programme, and students who are charged fees on a modular basis.

MPhil/MLitt/MMus (where applicants are enrolled on a stand-alone).

MPhil/MLitt/MMus and are not aiming for direct progression to a full PhD award.

How to apply

You don't need to apply for this discount. If you are eligible, the discount will be applied automatically to your fees invoice

Your alumni discount will be applied to the balance that you, as a student, must fund yourself after any other sponsorship or bursary is applied.

We cannot confirm if you are qualified for the discount before you formally register at the University so it will not be stated on your offer letter. 

For further information, email


There is no application deadline, as the discount will be applied automatically for eligible applicants.

Further details

You may not see your discount in your financial statement straight away.

Your discount will need to be applied and processed. You will need to have completed the registration task before you can be assessed for eligibility. This can then take a few days. If the discount has not appeared after 14 days, contact

Frequently asked questions

See our frequently asked questions for further information on the Alumni discount.

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