University of Bristol Accommodation Bursary: terms and conditions

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To be eligible for the University of Bristol Accommodation Bursary, you must:

  • be a UK Home fee-paying student;
  • be undertaking your first degree;
  • be in your first year of study on an undergraduate course at the University of Bristol;
  • have an annual household income of no more than £42,875;
  • have applied for means-tested financial support through your regional funding provider:
  • have given your (and your parents'/guardians') consent to share your household income data with the University;
  • live in University-allocated halls of residences (this includes properties that are not owned by the University but for which the University is responsible for collecting rent via the MyBristol portal, and also University-allocated halls of residences which are not owned by the University and the University is not responsible for collecting rent via the MyBristol portal).

In addition, the home address on your UCAS application must be in the young participant POLAR quintile 1 or 2 at the time of your application. The University will compare your home postcode at the time of application to the latest POLAR data (currently POLAR4) provided by the Higher Education Funding Council for England.

To remain eligible for the bursary, you must pay the remaining amount owed for your accommodation by 24 October. For students who have opted to pay by termly instalments, you must pay by the due dates showing in your financial statement.

If you live outside an area of low participation in higher education but were living in one of the following properties at the time of your application, you may be considered for an award, providing that you fulfil all other eligibility criteria:

  • Local Authority care (including foster care);
  • a rented (or part-rented) property owned or administered by a housing association;
  • a rented property owned by a Local Authority.

You should contact the Student Funding Office if you were living in one of these properties as you will not automatically be considered for an Accommodation Bursary. Evidence of residence or former residence in one of the above will be requested.

You will not be considered for the bursary if you:

  • have already completed a higher education degree before;
  • have received a contextual offer because you are in quintile 1 or 2 of the previous POLAR3 dataset but your postcode does not feature in the POLAR4 dataset;
  • at the time of application, were living in a former Local Authority-owned property that had passed to private ownership, including ownership by a private landlord, through the right-to-buy scheme or similar;
  • live outside, but close to, an area of low participation;
  • live outside an area of low participation, but sometimes stay at an address that is an area of low participation;
  • live outside an area of low participation, but attended a school or post-16 college with a postcode related to an area of low participation;
  • have a household income of more than £42,875, even if it is only by a small amount;
  • opt to live in an individual (non-shared) studio apartment at the University;
  • are in any other situation where you meet some, but not all, of the eligibility criteria.


The award will take the form of a discount, which will appear as a credit note on your financial statement. In other words, the amount of rent you owe for your first year's accommodation will be reduced by the value of the award. There is no cash equivalent.

The University of Bristol Accommodation Bursary will only be awarded for the first year of your undergraduate studies. There is no process for the bursary to be renewed for further years.


Household income Weekly amount Annual amount
(42-week lets)
Annual amount
(38-week lets)
£25,000 or below £25 £1050 £950
£25,001 - £42,875 £18 £756 £684

The University will review the value of this award annually.

How to apply

You do not need to make an application for the Accommodation Bursary. The University receives information about your household income from the Student Loans Company. We will use this to assess your entitlement to a bursary and make awards accordingly. To enable us to do this, you and your sponsors must give consent for the Student Loans Company to share your household income details with the University.

  1. If you are eligible for a bursary, you will be notified by the University via email after your household income data has been received from the appropriate regional funding provider.
  2. The University will aim to communicate with eligible students after the discount has been applied and is visible in your financial statement.
  3. We aim to create the credit note before the first instalment of rent becomes due on 24 October. 
  4. If you have chosen to pay your accommodation invoice by termly instalments, the discount will be applied to a single instalment. If this causes issues with your budgeting, you can contact us to request that the bursary is split evenly across all your instalments.
  5. If after being notified of the award you do not wish to receive the bursary, you should contact us to request a cancellation. This will increase the amount of rent due for your accommodation.
  6. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria you will not be contacted by the University.

Change in circumstances

Leaving your University accommodation

If you leave your University-allocated accommodation, you will no longer be eligible for the bursary. The University will not reclaim any bursary already awarded.

If you leave your University-allocated accommodation part way through the year due to personal or medical reasons and return to University-allocated accommodation the following academic year, you will be entitled to the remaining value of any accommodation bursary, up to the total value of the original award.

If you move from University-allocated accommodation into any other type of accommodation, you will not be able to transfer the remaining value of bursary or be entitled to receive a cash or other equivalent payment.

If you move rooms but remain in University-allocated accommodation you will remain eligible for the bursary, providing you continue to fulfil the eligibility criteria.

Suspending your studies

If your faculty agrees that you can temporarily suspend your studies, and you are allowed to continue living in University-allocated accommodation, you will be entitled to receive the bursary for the remainder of the academic year.

If following a period of suspension or temporary withdrawal, you remain in University-allocated accommodation beyond your first academic year in order to repeat some or all of your first year of study, you will no longer be entitled to the bursary.

Changing from studying full-time to part-time

If you change to studying part-time and continue to live in University-owned or managed accommodation, you will continue to be eligible for the Accommodation Bursary.

Change of course or course length

The bursary will only be awarded during your first year of study.

Changes to household income

If your household income changes during your first academic year following a reassessment or other change made by your regional funding provider, you may find that the original award does not match your new household income value.

If your new household income value would make you eligible for a lower value or no bursary, you will retain the original value of your award providing you are not in debt to the University and have made timely payments of any outstanding amounts.

If your new household income makes you eligible for a higher level of bursary, you can be awarded the new value for the duration of the academic year.

Any queries about the effect of changes to household income data should be sent to the Student Funding Office.

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