Get a UK mobile phone number

You may need a UK mobile number to use some services in the UK.

If you already have a mobile phone

You will need a UK SIM card. Make sure your phone is compatible and has been unlocked. Find out how to unlock your phone.

Get a UK SIM card

You will need to choose between a SIM with a monthly contract, or a pay as you go SIM.

  • Order SIM cards to your home address before you leave for the UK. Get a free SIM card from Giffgaff
  • You can get a SIM card from the Global Lounge.
  • Order a SIM card online (see our list of SIM providers). Check with the provider how long it will take for the card to be delivered. It could be a few days.

SIM providers

Mobile number

It is a good idea to get a UK mobile number.

If you need one urgently, you could get a virtual UK number from a provider like Easy Ringer while you wait for your permanent number to be set up.


You may need to provide the following when securing a mobile phone contract:

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