Live training

Library Research Support offers live training workshops in the following areas. Check the library events page to book a place on a scheduled event, or contact us if you'd like us to run an event for your research group.

Please also check out our other training offers in the areas of Research Data Management, Open Access, Digital Humanities and Researcher Metrics.

Open Research

Open Research: Research Data Management and Open Access

The concept of 'open research' has made a significant impact on scholarly activities, with funding councils, government and publishers increasingly placing a focus on research that is transparent, accountable, and accessible to a worldwide audience. Current expectations in this area centre around Open Access to scholarly outputs and Research Data Management. This workshop will provide an introductory overview and will cover:

  • How open research can impact on each stage of the research lifecycle
  • The benefits of Open Access and how to comply with requirements
  • The importance of the Data Management Plan (DMP) in meeting funder requirements
  • How to publish underlying research data and cite it via a Data Access Statement
  • Balancing openness with the need to capitalise on research findings

This workshop is aimed at early career and postgraduate researchers, Pathway 2 and Pathway 1, and has no prerequisites.

You can book onto a scheduled event through the Develop platform here: Open Research: Research Data Management and Open Access

Lunchtime games: Researchers, Impact and Publications (The R.I.P. Game)

Learn through play about the impact of your decisions regarding data and journal publications in this interactive lunchtime games session. We can run these for small or medium sizezd teams on demand.

We have published the materials for this resource as a dataset in the Research Data Repository here: https://dx.doi/10.5523/bris.1nufzjw3m9ho72cwisj1pwc75h

Increasing researcher awareness of the importance of the links between good Research Data Management, published articles, funder requirements and the research lifecycle is a large part of a Research Support services’ role. The University of Bristol’s Research Data Service has adapted the cult game ‘Cards Against Humanity’ for a research environment.

Whilst the game demonstrated here is specific to Research Data Management and its relationship to decisions made during the research lifecycle, the mechanism allows for adaptations across multiple fields: teams in contracts, ethics, research development and data protection can also benefit by developing their own questions and using this game as strategy to reach their audience.

In addition to its use as a tool for engaging with researchers, Cards Against Humanity has openness at its core. The originators state it is ‘meant to be remixed’, and have issued Cards against Humanity with a CC-BY-NC-SA licence.

This event is run by Library Research Support and has no prerequisites.

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