3D digitisation

Falling costs and simplified workflows mean digitising 3D objects yourself is now a realistic option, even for the non-specialist. There are many ways to produce 3D models from a physical object; ranging from highly accurate scans of internal structures to topographical scans suitable for viewing in a web browser.

We run training days for small groups of University of Bristol researchers on how to digitise 3D objects. Between the team, we've worked on photogrammetry projects ranging from Neolithic long barrows to historical toast. If you're thinking of using 3D digitisation as part of your teaching or research, please read our guide to Planning 3D Digitisation or get in touch.


 3D scan of Standing Iguanodon created for the Great Exhibition of 1851


Archaeological 3D scanning with a UAV over Stoney Littleton long barrow.

Course materials from our Hands-on 3D Digitisation workshop 

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