Virtual reality

All of our academic Faculties now make use of Virtual Reality (VR) in some capacity; for teaching engineering, visualising medical procedures or exploring long-lost historical sites.

We've been involved with VR and cultural heritage projects for a number of years and have experience of VR games design, and of helping deliver research projects which involve VR. We've also run introductory VR sessions for Bristol staff and PGRs. If you're thinking about making use of VR for the first time or would like to experiment with new types of VR content, please get in touch

‌Images from two of our VR projects. Above, a VR ferry ride across the river Avon which takes place at the dawn of the Great War, shown in Bristol Museum as part of the Great War commemorations. Below, a VR recreation of the Civil War fortification which was once located within today's Royal Fort gardens.

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