The Staff Residential Lettings team manage and let a portfolio of University-owned residential properties, with a focus on providing suitable short to medium term accommodation to staff moving to Bristol from overseas. Our properties are intended for arrival to Bristol to give you time to secure longer term accommodation.

University-owned properties

Find out about the properties in our portfolio.

Our portfolio is currently fully booked. We have limited availability from September 2023 onwards.

How to apply

To apply for one of our University-managed staff properties, please complete our long-stay or short-stay online application form.

We are not able to guarantee an offer of accommodation when you apply. You will be put on our application tracker and we will be in touch if we can offer you accommodation that matches your specific requirements. 

The City of Bristol

Bristol is made up of several diverse areas, each with its own unique character. Find out more about what the different residential areas have to offer.

Bristol's residential areas

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