International research projects

The school has strong international research profile and range of overseas collaborators. We now have research links to 60 countries across all continents. Our research and partners span the globe including many parts of the global South. In particular, our recent research projects are focused on regions such as:  


The Other Side of the Story: Perpetrators in Change. International partnership project with partners in UK, Cyprus, Italy, Romania, Greece. (European Commission) 

East Asia 

Latin America 


Sub-Saharan Africa 

International multi-country focus 

International comparative 


We are strongly connected to the global academic community through regularly hosting both junior and established scholars with complementary expertise of our staff. 

Perivoli Africa Research Centre (PARC)

This interdisciplinary centre was launched in February 2020 with the appointment of Isabella Aboderin as Chair in Africa Research and Partnerships and Centre Head. The Centre’s mission is to develop and expand interdisciplinary research in partnership with universities, international agencies, charities, governments and organisations across Africa.  

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