We are a postgraduate Centre and research is a central aspect of our work. We have an international reputation for our research profile. Our work is heavily cited in academic journals and we take pride in extending this work through writing and presentations at national and international conferences to academics, professionals and the public. The Centre has extensive research links with other departments in the University including Social Policy, the Bristol Medical School, Child Health, Education and Primary Care, and contributes to the University's Population Health Research Theme.

We conduct research that focuses on physical activity, nutrition and their associations with health across the life span. The primary areas of focus include biomedical, psychosocial and socio-environmental aspects of physical activity and nutrition.

The Centre for Exercise, Nutrition & Health Sciences continues to influence activity, nutrition and public health policy and have provided the scientific review for a Chief Medical Officer’s report on Physical Activity  and Health Outcomes. Staff are involved on many national and international bodies and committees including the Association for the Study of Obesity, Department of Health, British Nutrition Foundation, British Dietetic Association, NICE committee on physical activity and environmental influences and the UK Government Office of Science and Technology Foresight Obesity Project.

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