Name                  Dissertation Title/ Research topic
Matthew Northcote Physical activity and the growing family: A mixed methods study of how physical activity participation changes as a result of the reconfiguration of interrelated practices after the arrival of a new baby
Nina Abrahams Champions & partners in NCD prevention and health promotion: Realist evaluation of the role of social networks in intervention scale-up
Mohammed Alharbi Using a systems approach to inform the development of an obesity prevention intervention for school-aged children in the Western region of Saudi Arabia
Jessica Bourne Exploring the role of electrically assisted cycling on individual health and transport mode choice
James Garbutt Dietary patterns and the progression of type 2 diabetes
Shahar Khodabakhsh Sleep quality and diet in patients with type 2 diabetes
Emmanouil Magklis The pathways leading from a series of genetic and environmental determinants to specific eating behaviours and, over time, to obesity
Izzah Nasruddin Physical activity measurements, particularly the use of ecological movement assessment
Selene Valerino Perea Defining the traditional Mexican diet and evaluating its role in non-communicable disease outcomes
Maria Vega Salas Social and cultural mechanisms that contribute to the socio-economic obesity gradient in Chile
Sue Austin Separated Sisters and Brothers: adopted adults’ views on birth sibling relationships and post-adoption contact
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