Export control

Export controls can apply to the digital or physical export of any goods, data, technology, documents, materials or software from a destination within the UK to a destination outside the UK. Export controls are needed for a variety of reasons, including national security and international treaty obligations. In the UK, the control of strategic goods and technology is undertaken by the Export Control Joint Unit

Export control rules do not just apply to commercial export but to all kinds of academic activity, including teaching and research. This can extend to academic fieldwork, virtual teaching to students abroad, and presentation at international conferences. The Research Compliance Team will assess whether the activity will require an export license, and if so, manage this on your behalf.

If you have any queries in relation to export control and the University’s policy, please contact Dr Alison Evans in DRE&I (formerly RED). You can also contact the team at research-compliance@bristol.ac.uk 

The University Policy

The University Executive Board has approved an Export Control Policy (PDF, 1,770kB)‌. It is important that any staff involved in export activity that may be subject to export control read the policy.

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